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  1. Looking for only one (1) TII strut housing. Shipping to FL 33166.
  2. Interested in the door armrest both sides, center handle knob of the vent windows if they are in good condition and rear diff cover if it is finned style
  3. I'm looking for a complete NK steering lock ,w or w/o key, anyone? Pls PM or mail to [email protected] Thanks
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/293695061322 1x $ 16.99 2x $16.14 3x or more $15.29 AIR FILTER INLET ADAPTER FOR WEBER 45 DCOE VELOCITY STACK Air filter inlet adapters are designed to allow you to attach the original BMW Rubber Boot 13720642158 to Weber 45 DCOE velocity stacks for BMW 1800 TI/SA or BMW 2002. In addition, inlet adpaters also have a smooth funnel shaped inlet to perfect fit for to reduce turbulence of incoming air. Adapts BMW Rubber boot to Weber 45 DCOE velocity stacks Designed to be durable and last Does not include coupler or hose clamps Does not include Rubber boot, velocity stacks or weber decoe carbs SPECIFICATIONS Flange Inside Diameter: 53mm Flange Length: 34mm Outside Diameter: 61mm Base Inside Diameter: 48mm Package Quantity: 1 Finish: Black Material: Nitrile (elastic)
  5. I want to repair the temperature wire for the BMW 1800 1965 temp gauge, the wire was cutted, I'm not sure how it works, Is the wire heated from the thermostat housing to the cluster instruments? Doesn't lose temperature in the length? Has anyone repaired or replaced this cable, any advice to do so? Thanks in avance!
  6. Looking to purchase a Weber 45 DCOE 15/16 matching pair set in good condition, angled horns prefered. Contact me [email protected]
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