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  1. Pound sand....... Earl C. Myers II LTC USA (Ret)
  2. I quite like my 2015 M235i Manual 6 spd. Only options Estoril blue paint and enhanced Bluetooth
  3. Public service announcement. NGK has discontinued the BP6ES, replaced with the BPR6ES for those that care. There is still some remaining stock on the shelves, when gone..... https://www.ngk.com/product.aspx?zpid=9405 Earl
  4. Some sad news. A good friend of mine and and probably known to a few of you, Frank Rosebery, also known to the list as SaharaX2 suffered a massive heart attack while on vacation with his family in Mexico on 19 February. He had made trips to the Vintage as well as Mid America 02 Fest. He was a good friend, thought you all would like to know.
  5. Robert, I did exactly that except it was my right frame rail that rusted thru. I had a section that was in great shape. Took it to a shop that was known for it restoration work, specifically on early Mustangs. Told them what I wanted. The owner said they do that all the time, took me back into the shop where they were working on a Mustang to show me. They removed the section that was bad, took the good piece I supplied, welded it into place and all is well. That was about eight years ago. Any good body shop with access to a lift should be able to do this for you. Stay well my friend......... V/r Earl
  6. Mr. Irv Gordon, who bought a new Volvo 1800S in 1966 and drove it to a Guinness World Record 3.2 million miles, Irv passed Nov. 2018. I had the good fortune to meet Irv at a Volvo meet I was attending with my 72 1800ES ten years ago. He was quite the gentleman.
  7. I quit counting at 850K +/- and thirty years of active duty, US Army when I retired in 2004. My daily up until I bought my M Roadster in 2006. The army always put its airfields as far away as the could from the main cantonment area. Aviators were a bad influence especially us Cavalry Cobra types. Earl
  8. Would it be possible to get a pic of the backside of the armrests? Thanks in advance Earl 74 2002Lux
  9. Look like Appliance rims I had on my 1973 Capri 2600 years ago. GLWS
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