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  1. Looks like a Stahl copy, not Stahl.
  2. Been out of the net for a bit...triple bypass surgery. Here is my 72 1800ES
  3. Had cardiac bypass surgery ,triple bypass, two weeks ago and just getting back to the computer . Don, Ray eats too much ice cream.
  4. Did you change the mount from the 2002 to the 318i mount?
  5. Not so much....did daily drive my 1800ES until about 5 years ago. A young woman in her minivan nearly took me out at a stop light.... out of curiosity, I did some research on replacement sheet metal...pretty much unobtainium unless you find a donor car. Everything else is still pretty much available, D Jet fuel injection parts starting to dry up. Have it on an agreed value policy now and pretty much drive on nice days.
  6. I just purchased some E28 visors off of Ebay, paid $28.00. Perfect fit only difference is one side is black. Bob's yer uncle.
  7. A lot of dosh for a center exit only.......
  8. Ray, Thanks , had a great day!
  9. Thanks all. Looking forward to our next get together!!

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