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  1. RussTii

    LSD's, Tii engine

    Both LSD's are sold, Tii engine is pending.
  2. RussTii

    LSD's, Tii engine

    Pair of E21 LSD's. Early unit has 4 bolt side covers, 8 mm output flange bolts, 3.64 ratio with 39 # breakaway. Both units are not rebuilt, no noises, good backlash. Late unit has 6 bolt side covers, 10 mm output flange bolts, 3.90 ratio with 37 # breakaway. $800 each. Pickup in Lawrenceville, Ga otherwise shipping at buyers expense. Assume 65 # in a wooden crate shipped via FEDEX GROUND. Tii engine # 2761368, 72 date stamped block, 121 head. Includes pump, injectors, TB, Plenums, Tii alt, airbag, exhibit manifold, 008 distributor, water bypass tube. Good crank, turns over easily, needs rebuild $1000 complete. 87 M3 radiator $100
  3. RussTii

    Installation of Pig Cheeks

    These are the IE Alpina style Pigcheeks. Bonded on with 3m body adhesive, used rivets to hold until the adhesive set. Obviously some body work after mounting. And filling in the fender gap left as a result of the flare. And as you can see from the right quarter picture eliminated the fuel filler opening due to fuel cell. Are you planning on a bigger wheel tire combination ?
  4. RussTii

    M10 Crankshaft Mystery

    Your crankshaft was overheated and/or run out of lubrication. And got bent, hence one journal is off relative to the others. Did the same thing with an S14 crank, overheated due to oil loss, spun a bearing, had it straightened but after reassembly had stair steps for piston deck height. Since I didn't want a multi compression engine I needed another crankshaft. Apparently M10 cranks are pretty difficult to straighten.
  5. RussTii

    BMW 02 Made in Portugal

    I have a 2002 that has 2 of the aluminum ID tags, one from BMW Munich and one from BMW SA ETS Moorkens NV. Vin is 2571708 so it's a 1971 that was delivered with the C/R 5 speed and a limited slip according to a PO . Delivery was apparently in Belgium.
  6. RussTii

    WTB: inverted rear bilsteins

    The yellow inverted set are mine after I had them revalved by Bilstein to Alpina specs. They are now on the 2002 vintage race car.
  7. RussTii

    In search of original tii block

    Steve, I believe my wife has made that point a few times although she has never specifically mentioned "goodies". More like car junk and other unmentionable phrases. I think these are the block casting dates. The head is an E12 with a November 1973 date stamp.
  8. RussTii

    In search of original tii block

    Don't think it's been touched, pretty much an original Tii engine with the injection stuff all there. Here's a picture.
  9. RussTii

    In search of original tii block

    I happen to have a 74 Tii engine on a stand. Vin is 2780962. Let me know if you are interested.
  10. The reason for checking the breakaway torque before disassembly is to determine how well your clutches in the LSD are working. I have seen LSD's that have no resistance at all and others as much as 40 LBS breakaway. As far as I know all the LSD clutches are moly coated and the wear on the coating basically determines how effective the LSD unit will be. Worn Discs = not much breakaway torque. More discs can be fitted to up the % and of course new discs are available from various sources. Don't really know what "SP" signifies as I was under the impression that all friction discs were created equal.
  11. Measure the lockup percentage you have now before rebuilding. Also remove the rear cover and look at the LSD pumpkin for the original % lockup. Should say S40 if it's an original 2002 LSD. Most E21 LSDs were 25% so you'd see S25. When replacing the worn input shaft bearings your rebuilder should be able to just remove the pinion, press off the one bearing that is fitted to the shaft and reassemble without needing to change the pinion spacing which impacts the gear lash. Pinion spacers are available from BMW or the aftermarket. When BMW had trouble delivering I went to a local trans/diff shop and bought a shim package for a GM product. The diff will never know there is a non BMW component in it's midst. As far as parts go the bearings and seals should all be available as are the LSD wear discs. I'd tear your diff down and see what shape they are in before buying replacements. One word of caution regarding a 40 plus year old part, specifically your diff as pictured above. What's inside may not be what the case indicates in terms of ratio or LSD. Someone may have played with it at some point in the last 4 decades.
  12. When I rebuilt my 188 diff and changed the ratio for my E-Production car the pinion gear had markings on the big end ( the end with the gear on it) which according to Jim Blanton were the original spacer measurements to allow the correct backlash. Of course if you put that Ring and Pinion in another case all bets are off. Since you will presumably be reassembling your R&P in your original case just make sure you keep the pinion spacer the same when replacing the crush sleeve along with the bearings and seals. As an aside, BMW sells the spacers should you find your R&P mesh to be off. Youtube is your friend here to show you what it should be, as is the BMW factory shop manual.
  13. RussTii

    Wtb: early black mushroom shift knob

    How about a new one in the bag ? P/N 25111203074
  14. RussTii

    TrackNight pics!

    In the bigger scheme of things both the 02 and the E30 are momentum cars. I have both , each significantly modified and they are different driving experiences. The torque of the M20 and the inherent stiffness of the E30 versus the 02 come immediately to mind, whereas the 02 seems more tossable which of course would be an advantage at a technical track such as AMP. Yes, the long back straight at RA does favor cars with more power but the ability to carry speed through the fast corners when the horsepower guys are unwilling or unable to do the same can be a great equalizer. At a recent JTI event at RA I pitted next to a guy with an E46 M3 who came back in after the first session wanting to know which flavor of twincam six I was running in my E30. He was disappointed when I pulled off the hood and showed him a 2.5 Litre M20. He would catch me at the end of the straights only to see me leave him off the corners. He didn't understand how this old crock driven by an even older driver could possibly stay in front of him with his 300 plus horseponies. We had a little discussion about Power to weight ratios, driving lines, track familiarity, etc and by the end of the day he was faster if not a little less scary to the rest of us. I actually have no problem following someone as long as they are fast enough that I can learn something and I can feel reasonably certain they won't involve both of us in an Oopsy. Watched a guy with a rental car Mustang kiss the wall and blow the airbags at the start/finish line at RA from about 50 yards back in this same JTI event.
  15. RussTii

    TrackNight pics!

    Very pretty MintGrun 2002. Child seats in the RR were a nice touch. I was the guy with the Orange E30 trying to keep it together for the entire session.