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  1. I have 4.1, 4.27 and 4.45 ratio's. Sold the Motorsport 5.0/1 with the last race car. By different LSD do you mean Wavetrac/Quaife or Millermatic ?
  2. Here's what I do for my differentials. 3/4 inch plywood with 2.5 inch deck screws Be sure to put handles on each end to facilitate picking it up. Wedge the unit inside to assure it won't move. All up weight on the order of 75#, G245 should be in that neighborhood. I've had no problems using Fedex Ground with this approach.
  3. Completely rebuilt 3.91 LSD. Early unit with 8 mm bolt holes and the correct spacing so no need for redrill/spacers/longer bolts. Unit will be a direct bolt in replacement for any short neck 2002 differential. New races/bearings/seals/fasteners/crush sleeve. LSD unit is a 25% E30 derived item with good breakaway torque. E21 rear cover will be provided so upon receipt you will swap your 2002 rear cover and add your LSD fluid of choice and install. Unit will be shipped dry via Fedex Ground with a crated weight of #75 from zip code 30043. Gezon@aol.com
  4. There is one potential problem with this swap. 2002 diffs used a coarse spline on both the pinion shaft and the output shafts. So you would need to determine if your 2002 flange that attaches the pinion to the driveshaft will fit in place of the e36 unit because the splines make them not interchangeable. While all small case units use the same front seal the actual fitment of the flange may be different. All in all would probably be easier to find a set of gears from any e21/e30/e36 diff that would be interchangeable as they all have the finer spline on both pinion and output shafts.
  5. Your location would be a positive thing. I have several rear subframes but they are heavy and shipping will be a hassle.
  6. Also remember if you need to tilt the engine back to mate with the transmission that the distributor will now be contacting the firewall. Mark the timing and pull it to save a broken distributor cap.
  7. In point of fact it was built as an open diff. And then enhanced with a welder into a fully locked IE: Welded unit. So originally open but modified to 100% lockup. I've since swapped out the welded spider gears for the normal unwelded flavor. Sorry about your theory.
  8. No, but I do have a 4.22 Long neck Diff. Came out of a 1600 racecar.
  9. So is that an original Alpina steelie with the round holes around the perimeter ?
  10. Fully rebuilt early e21 3.64 Limited slip differential. New bearings, races, seals, fasteners, crush sleeve, etc. E36 25% limited slip spool. Insofar as this is an early e21 unit it already has the 8 mm output shafts and will come with spacers and longer Allen bolts to ensure proper axle shaft spacing. Unit will be shipped dry with an E21 rear cover so you will simply add your 2002 rear cover and your LSD compatible fluid of choice and install. Shipping via Fedex ground at buyers expense. Gezon@aol.com
  11. I'm curious as to whether the Quaife LSD has a different setup than the more conventional clutch type LSD. I have truly never seen an E21 or 2002 or medium case diff with no spacers on the side covers as it is the way to adjust backlash. But If It's worked for you for 10 years than clearly someone had a clue. As was mentioned above used bearings and your unit would qualify after 10 years of race use, will need a different preload, IE: somewhat less than the specs for newly installed units. What that preload spec would be may be open to interpretation or feel of the unit. All I know is Jim Blanton told me the torque on the crush sleeve is secondary, the correct bearing preload IE: resistance is the point of the exercise. As you found a new crush sleeve can be difficult to squash which is easy to see when you measure used versus new. New ones are approx .890 inch while used ones are in the .815-.820 range. So .070 squash and the new ones are HARD. Presquashing before installation isn't unheard of. I wouldn't take your diff apart unless it gets noisy or starts dumping metal bits in the lube. Maybe just use the Shockproof Redline if your Quaife will tolerate it. And Blanton also stated he used Red Loctite as he didn't trust the soft BMW lockings. If you do acquire an inch pound torque wrench remember than any torque wrench is least accurate at either end of it's range so I'd look for one like the Tekton TRQ-21101 that goes down to 10 inch pounds so you have a shot at some degree of accuracy at the low end of the scale. I paid like $46 for it this week from Amazon.
  12. The factory blue manual for the 2002 shows 300(+- 30) NewtonCm for no seal and 330 (+-30) with a seal. Translation factor of 11.3 (IE: 11.3 NCM = 1 inch pound) results in a range of 23.8 to 31 inch pounds. Don't believe given the significant design similarities than an E21 diff would vary much from these BMW factory manual specs.
  13. The BMW spec for pinion bearing preload is 22-28 inch pounds. I didn't see you use an inch pound torque wrench and I know from having done quite a few of these 168 mm diffs that the resistance is more than you might think. If it turns pretty easily like you showed you aren't at the spec yet. Additionally while you had it apart this would be a good time to use marking compound on the ring gear and ascertain that your tooth pattern is where it should be. A race pattern can be a bit low on the ring with the understanding that under load it will climb up towards a more centered pattern. If in fact your gear pattern was not optimal the pinion depth is changed by virtue of the spacer under the bigger (inside or closest to the ring gear) bearing race. Also, while you had it open was a fine time to measure your backlash, i.e.: the clearance between the ring and pinion. This measurement will greatly impact your gear life, which again is being subjected to more stress in a racing environment. Bmw likes to see on the order of .003 backlash which must be measured with a dial indicator. Finally, I have never seen a BMW 168 mm diff with no side shims insofar as that is the adjusting mechanism for backlash. BMW still sells these shims which range from approx 1.0 mm to 2.0 mm. P/N is 33131207844 through 863. Another area of interest while you had the unit part would have been the clutches in your limited slip spool, which can and do wear in a racing environment. They are available in various forms as are some of the other internal parts. I like to see at least 30 to 35# breakaway on the LSD unit although more can be had with shimming. Just understand that too much static breakaway will create drag and possibly push as both wheels strive to go straight.
  14. E21 differential for rebuild, prefer early 4 bolt side cover model but later 6 bolt model will do. Gezon @aol.com
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