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  1. Have a pair of Recaro's that obviously need help. Look like this: [email protected]
  2. Gary, a Tii deserves a Limited Slip. Now if you could only find someone to build you one.
  3. Early bus wheel, 423 MM so probably 71 or earlier. Several cracks on the backside of spokes near the hub. Wheel rim a bit dinged. $100. New in bag shift knob, p/n 25111203074. $60. New plastic surround for the sunroof handle. p/n 54129634115 $20 Shipping additional from zip code 30043. [email protected]
  4. I'll take It. PayPal ? Shipping to 30043 ? Thanks. Russ Gezon [email protected]
  5. What is the ratio of the longneck diff ? I assume it's an open unit ? Thanks. Russ Gezon
  6. And the 3.91 LSD has been sold. Headed to it's happy new owner as I write this.
  7. This one is sold but I have another 3.91 LSD available. Same specs as this one with redrilled output shafts, spacers and longer Allen bolts. $1200 plus shipping. [email protected]
  8. Need one or two of the Technocast 15x7 Style 10 for the e30. What do you have ?
  9. I have a set of IE Box flare front fenders. Still new in the box from IE. Can get a picture if you're interested. I'm in Atlanta. Russ Gezon
  10. I have a late E21 diff from a Euro car with a 4.10 ratio. Has 10 mm output flanges. Good used condition. I'm in Atlanta. Russ Gezon
  11. Had a similar problem years ago with a junkyard treasure. In the pre internet days (yes I'm a fossil) I took a candle and heated it up to get a reverse pattern for the lock. Then wrote (fossil reference) to McGard with the pattern which they matched and sent me the correct key. Today I would jam an inpact socket on there with a 5 pound sledge and blast it off with an impact set at full chat.
  12. Completely rebuilt Late E21 3.64 Limited Slip. New Timken bearings and seals. All new fasteners. Breakaway torque measures 40#. Redrilled output shafts, spacers and longer halfshaft bolts included. Unit will have an E21 rear cover so with the installation of your 2002 rear cover and the addition of your fluid of choice will be ready to install in your 2002. Shipping weight will be 75# in a sturdy plywood crate. Pickup in Lawrenceville, Ga or shipment via Fedex Ground at Buyers expense. [email protected]
  13. And don't forget to leave the transmission in gear. You will want to rotate the output shaft to help engage the clutch splines as you are offering up the transmission in the mating ritual. Some people suggest a little lube on the input shaft splines but obviously if you overdo it that lube has the potential to sling off and find your clutch disc.
  14. I would imagine this is how you would adjust caster: GT3 front subframe
  15. Fully Rebuilt 3.64 late E21 LSD. New Timken bearings, seals, fasteners. LSD is an E30 unit with 36# breakaway. Redrilled output flanges, spacers and longer capscews included so upon changing to your 2002 rear cover and adding your fluid of choice this will bolt in to your 2002 using your existing axles. Unit will be shipped dry with an E21 rear cover in a sturdy wooden box via Fedex Ground with an approximate weight of 75#. Shipping cost will be buyers responsibility. [email protected]
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