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  1. Another vote for the Odyssey. Had a Windstar bought new in 96, when the son went deer hunting with it replaced it with a 2001 Odyssey. All the bells and whistles, healthy V6, power doors, entertainment center, leather. Minivans cannot be beat for utility and the Honda is the one to get. Might cost more than some of the other available product but I think there is a reason used Honda prices are so strong. Would still have the Honda but the Boss decided we were no longer "Minivan People" !! So now we're looking for something with a higher ride height (than the E39 touring), good interior volume and somewhat up to date tech wise. But not a Minivan !!
  2. I've visited Keith's website and while it goes into pretty good detail on the sunroof panel itself, I really found nothing specifically addressing the sunroof headliner and it's installation. Am I looking in the wrong place ?
  3. The car is a 74 so it has the later style slider with the fork on one end only. The factory blue manual shows the earlier style with forks on both ends. The funny thing about this scenario is the sunroof has been apart before to replace the seals and now seemingly won't go back together after paint. Have tried the "Flip the sliders" approach and am aware the adjusters control panel height I'm wondering if there might be something obvious I've missed. Looking for that "Ah Hah " moment. Probably more likely a "Duh" moment.
  4. Trying to slide the headliner sunroof panel to the front after installing newly painted sunroof. Can't seem to get past the forks holding the front edge of the sunroof. When I reverse the forks, ie: flip them, the sunroof doesn't fit correctly. It's way up in the front. Seems the forks have a plastic slider which I assume rides on the top rail and when installed thusly preclude the headliner panel from getting past them to reach the front snap holes. What am I missing here ?
  5. Nick, Our autocross car had a 2.3 stroker with a 92 MM bore and the 87 MM Evo crank for 2313 CC if I recall correctly. Weber 45's, Shrick 304, supposedly 10.6 C/R but I suspect lower upon examination. Dyno #'s were 142 torque and 142 power. Next build will go with more compression, like 12.5 so expecting better dyno results.
  6. On the topic of suspension limiting straps I had a similar concept on the 2002 whereby I used aircraft wire to keep the rear trailing arms from reaching full droop. This made jacking the car easier as the springs didn't come off their seats but made it pretty tough to get a bigger tire /wheel combination under my pig cheeks as the arm wouldn't drop enough and I found on the track the lack of travel meant I could feel the tire loading and unloading in bumpy sections. With a momentum car like the 2002 not the ideal approach. With a softer suspended E30 such as a Chump or Lemon's car maybe it would help to keep the tail from getting too light under hard braking when you can't play with stiffer front springs to keep the nose up. As to this thread being mutated I believe the original theme was about Rockers, specifically in M20's. That there might be some interest in the platform associated with the M20 is not to my way of thinking a major problem on what is admittedly a 2002 centric site. The 2002 and E30 platforms have more in common than one might think, both being Unibody tubs with trailing arm and strut suspension designs and inline production based powerplants. It's not as if we're comparing/contrasting Mustangs to BMW's. I've driven both in the vintage race environment and they feel very similar, obviously one has higher limits but at heart they are both modified BMW production cars. If this is problematical perhaps one should avoid opening any threads that talk to racing/performance lest one be offended by the possible mention of another platform.
  7. My 73 Tii had 14 inch Panasports and prior to selling it I put on a new set of BFG's ? They were available through a local tire store, obviously not the grippiest possible tire but I have slicks on the race car to scratch that itch. As various forum members have noted there exists a direct correlation between wheel/tire combo size and steering feel. And no rubbing/interference with fit issues. As they say YMMV.
  8. I actually have and drive a 71 2002 HSR Vintage race car and interestingly enough have data on both cars on the same track. Obviously, the newer E30 is faster but not as much as you'd think, maybe 10 to 15 mph at the fastest part of the track, but it feels much more stable under braking. SCCA Production allows bigger brakes so I have E36 front and rear, 5 lug wheels and a bias valve that helps a lot. The only way the car gets squirrely is if I try too much trail braking, have a sloppy downshift or get on the power too soon. Cold tires plus excessive enthusiasm at corner exit will bring the rear end out, not something I see much in the less powerful 2002. That being said, I've driven both this E-P car and a friend's E30M3 and both of them feel just like a bigger 2002, albeit with more power, more grip, more brakes. With radial slicks my best lateral G recording has been 1.36G. The 2002 has a best of 1.07G on R-compounds. As far as aero goes the E-P car has a significant wind roar at anything over 100 and rather than remove the rear windows I may install NACA ducting to allow the air to escape. Apparently the rear window slope is not conducive to rear spoiler effectiveness if the factory approach in the M3 is viewed, what with the changed angle, raised deck, etc. Id love some downforce but don't know if it would be legal from the SCCA's viewpoint although I doubt HSR would care too much.
  9. Toby is correct, the current E-Production leaders are Honda Preludes, S2000's, Porsche 944 S2's, Mazda RX8's and the like. This car was successful as recently as 2013, but is aero challenged versus any of the newer stuff. It actually has to weigh 2200 coming off the track with me in it, so car alone weighs closer to 2000 lbs and has surprised any number of cars that are faster on paper but on the track seem to have great difficulty getting past. Hope to keep it that way as I become more comfortable with the platform and push it closer to both of our limits.
  10. I have an M20 powered E-Production car that has VAC "Unbreakable" rockers. The car's previous owner helped VAC through multiple iterations before breakage became less of a problem. I've had the car 18 months and haven't broken a rocker although I have a new set of KM steel rockers in hand based on John Forte's positive experiences with them. Just haven't needed them yet. The M20 in the E-P car is 12/1 CR, Shrick 304, Ferrara valves, aftermarket injection, Electromotive ignition and dynos 236 torque and 225 h/p at the wheels.
  11. There are a few of us in the Atlanta area. My current 2002 looks like this and is vintage legal with HSR. I also have a few parts should you need anything. E-mail me off line at Gezon @aol.com.
  12. When my wife decided she was no longer a Minivan Mom I found her a 2001 525 Touring. It's no rocket with the m54 2.5 but it's just fine on the highway and gets 27-30 mpg. She appreciates it's BMW sporty feel except when she can't find it in a parking lot due to it's relative height compared to all the high riding SUV's etc . We find this car is great on trips, allows us to bring our dogs with the folding rear seats lowered and has leather heated seats, great HVAC, and Xenon lights. We've had good results with the E39 although an occasional electrical issue results in my using the Bimmerforum or Bentley manual to remedy. It doesn't hurt when my wife is approached in parking lots by individuals admiring her wagon.
  13. Who on the forum has a race or track car ? 2002, other model BMW , other than BMW ? Just curious as to how many of us actually have track toys versus street driven vehicles. I'll start: 71 2002 race car with cage, sidedraft engine, Alpina pig cheeks, C/R trans, coilovers, GT3 front subframe, fuel cell, etc. 84 BMW 325 SCCA E-Production car, 2.5 litre, 12.0 C/R, five lug wheels, Electromotive ignition, aftermarket injection, C/R trans, Blanton diff, Penske shocks, etc.
  14. I live here in Atlanta and can look at this car for you. I've had 2002''s for 25 years and currently have a 71 2002 Vintage race car. Going to be busy the next couple of days at Road Atlanta but could probably look at it early next week.


    Russ Gezon  

    photo (36).JPG

    1. RennTiger


      Hello Russ.

      Thank you for the offer to help. Since my Posting, I was able to have a knowledgeable local BMW mechanic here in Seattle look at some  detailed photos of the car I was interested in. (Patrick from Midnight Motorsport)

      He has advised me to wait for a better car. The car in question is nice, but has some flaws that make the asking price unreasonable. For me anyway.

      The car is the Silver 71 on Atlanta Craigslist. Being sold by "Motor Car Studio"

      Again, thank you for offering to look at it. If another car in Atlanta comes up, I will take you up on it.


    2. RussTii




      Probably a good call on the Price/Product ratio. The gentleman who was referenced as having built this car has been dead at least a decade, hence this can't be exactly a "fresh build". It may have been well taken care of but at the very least it's sat around for quite a while. The reseller, "Motorcar Studio" seems pretty proud of all their inventory, pricing everything at what looks to me to be Barrett-Jackson levels when clearly it isn't all showroom fresh product. Wonder what their stuff would bring on BAT or E-Bay ? 


      Good luck with your search. 


      Russ Gezon    

  15. Read the whole ad. It's for a rebuilt Tii engine. No car is included.
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