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  1. Price reduction to $1200. This unit is Plug N Play !!
  2. The tooth contact patch is going to be roughly the same regardless of the number of teeth. Remember that the ring and pinion are numbered and matched to each other for a smooth mesh. Usually the last 4 digits of the ring gear # is scribed on the pinion, either on the gear end or the bearing mount area. A pinion gear with fewer teeth will by definition be stronger because each tooth is larger. Hence, 39/10 would be stronger than 43/11. Check out the Metric mechanic torque ratings on diffs and see how they decline as the ratio rises. Hence a 4.27 ratio in any diff has less torque capacity than a lower gear such as a 2.93.
  3. Completely rebuilt early e21 3.9 LSD. New Timken bearings and seals. New Fasteners. 46# breakaway. This unit is a bolt in replacement for your 2002 diff and will use your existing 8 mm halfshafts and bolts. No need for spacers/redrilled output flanges or half shaft mods. Unit will be shipped dry with an E21 rear cover. Swap your 2002 rear cover, add fluid and go. Pickup in Atlanta or shipping via Fedex Ground in a sturdy wooden box. Estimated weight is 75#. [email protected]
  4. Doing a diff refresh and I noticed a 2002 case has some variations versus the other 2002 diffs I have on hand. Specifically, these ribs on the pass side. Wonder if they have anything to do with this letter by the ratio ? And here's the casting date. Good thing my car is a 71, this diff should be right at home.
  5. Rebuilt 3.9 LSD. New bearings, seals, fasteners. 40 # breakaway. Comes with E21 rear cover. Shipping and Paypal fees extra although pickup in Atlanta would be fine. [email protected]
  6. Set of Bilstein H/D's in good condition. Rears have been customized with Blue paint ? Shipping via Fedex ground at Buyers expense. [email protected]
  7. I am certainly no expert on the NK cars so perhaps someone more experienced could chime in. That being said the 2002 was derived from the NK line and the suspension is quite similar so it's entirely possible they would fit. Probably specific measurements of your existing shocks would tell the tale more clearly.
  8. Set of Koni Classic adjustable shocks and struts. Rear shocks are 8040-1039, Front inserts are 8641-1076. All units compress, retract and have the full range of adjustment. Pricing does not include shipping or PayPal fees. [email protected]
  9. This is an open diff. Notice the spider gears in the third picture. There is no LSD pumpkin to hold the locking bits. However, as I mentioned there is an Extra Center section, IE: set of spider gears that has been welded solid to provide a locked differential. So the percentage of lockup is 100%. As to what vehicle this 4.22 long neck originally came with I have no idea.
  10. 4.22 ratio Long Neck Diff. Good condition, no gear or bearing issues. Came out of a 1600 racer, will include an extra welded center section to make a completely locked diff. Currently set up with an open center section for street use. Paypal accepted. Pickup in Atlanta would be great, if not shipping will be via Fedex Ground in a sturdy wooden box and will be at buyers expense. [email protected]
  11. Rebuilt early e21 3.64 LSD. New Timken bearings and seals. New upgraded LSD cover, all new fasteners. Complete with 2002 rear cover. This is an early 4 bolt unit that is a plug and play replacement for your 2002 differential. It uses your existing 8 mm half shaft bolts so you won't need redrilled output flanges or modified axles to mate it up. Add fluid of your choice and go. Shipping is extra and will be via Fedex Ground, plan on 75 # by the time I build a sturdy wooden box. Pickup in Atlanta would be fine as I wouldn't have to build a box. I do accept PayPal. [email protected]
  12. Another vote for the Odyssey. Had a Windstar bought new in 96, when the son went deer hunting with it replaced it with a 2001 Odyssey. All the bells and whistles, healthy V6, power doors, entertainment center, leather. Minivans cannot be beat for utility and the Honda is the one to get. Might cost more than some of the other available product but I think there is a reason used Honda prices are so strong. Would still have the Honda but the Boss decided we were no longer "Minivan People" !! So now we're looking for something with a higher ride height (than the E39 touring), good interior volume and somewhat up to date tech wise. But not a Minivan !!
  13. Both LSD's are sold, Tii engine is pending.
  14. Pair of E21 LSD's. Early unit has 4 bolt side covers, 8 mm output flange bolts, 3.64 ratio with 39 # breakaway. Both units are not rebuilt, no noises, good backlash. Late unit has 6 bolt side covers, 10 mm output flange bolts, 3.90 ratio with 37 # breakaway. $800 each. Pickup in Lawrenceville, Ga otherwise shipping at buyers expense. Assume 65 # in a wooden crate shipped via FEDEX GROUND. Tii engine # 2761368, 72 date stamped block, 121 head. Includes pump, injectors, TB, Plenums, Tii alt, airbag, exhibit manifold, 008 distributor, water bypass tube. Good crank, turns over easily, needs rebuild $1000 complete. 87 M3 radiator $100

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