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  1. For Sale : 1967 BMW 2000CS, asking $1,800 Runs but needs total cosmetic restoration. Little rust by 2000CS standards. Rust: Rear floor pans repaired, Bashed-in left rocker panel – some past driver ran over a curb? (have new outer rocker panel). There is rust related to this in the left rear quarter panel. Running “tii” engine. (’69 2002 block with complete ‘72 tii intake, pistons, etc.) Tii air filter, gas tank and fuel pump. Nice early 4 speed transmission with Porsche-type synchros. Front suspension rebuilt. Bilstein shocks front and rear. 2002 sway bars installed. Brake master cylinder and calipers (all NLA) rebuilt and sleeved by White Post Restorations. Wood dash parts need repair, door wood trim ok. Dash parts need some work. Blue leather upholstery needs to be redone. Needs headliner. Car was originally Bristol Gray. It has power windows front and rear. I have many spare parts collected from several parts cars over the years. Somehow I ended up missing some of the 2000CS parts: notably no original engine, Car is partially disassembled but is driveable. Located in Arlington, VA Year: 1967 Make: BMW Model: 2000CS Body and Interior: Car needs total cosmetic restoration. Little rust for a 2000CS. Left rocker panel was hit in the past and there is rust up into the quarter panel. Interior needs new carpet, headliner and leather seat upholstery. Engine and Drivetrain: Original engine long gone. Now has a 72 tii engine in a '69 2002 block. Nice 4 speed transmission. Suspension, Brakes: Suspension and brakes have been rebuilt over the years. Has 4 Bilstein shocks and 2002 sway bars.
  2. Got my copy in the mail today today. Congrats Rob!
  3. I had forgotten, but Matthew worked for a while last year and so we met at the Fredericksburg I-95 rest stop after he left from work. I got there about 10AM and traffic got a lot heavier by the time Matthew got there. I can meet you guys at Marshall's.
  4. This is the first I have discussed this with anyone this year. I prefer taking US 29 because you don't have to take I-95 at all. and as you know, it is just generally a much nicer ride.
  5. I'll be coming once again. I still don't have an easypass. Just for reference, what I and others have done for years is to meet at the Cracker Barrel off I-66 in Manassas around 10AM, then go West to US 29 and take that South.
  6. Rob, I haven't been following this thread so maybe you have already considered this. When you were looking for air leaks, did you check the boot over the bottom of the throttle body? Look up p/n 13 54 1 258 015. If this boot is cracked or missing it can cause big air leaks.
  7. Car is looking great. Are you doing anything to make the speedometer reading reflect the 4.44 diff?
  8. Marshall, Ask about this specific problem on the FAQ where a lot more people will see it. I'm sure I have seen this addressed before, but as usual CRS on the details. Bill
  9. Website is up now and rooms at the Hawthorne are filling: http://atthevintage.com/
  10. So are you going to cover up all these gorgeous suspension and brake bits behind black wheels and tires?
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