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  1. There is a USA importer by the name of compomotive USA. I've dealt with them before and they were very nice but expensive.
  2. ummmmm considering all angwin is, is a christian college, no beer. The closest place to get a brew would be silverado brewery at the bottom of deer park rd. my cell is two five three 278 nine 2 eight 7 if you want to grab a beer when youre done. i also believe there is some wine around there too.
  3. side by side, colorado=72 avus blue=73 but i run an early bumper that doesnt have the rubber trim.
  4. On my way to school today coming down deer park we passed a inka roundie with a roof rack. anyone from here? I dont have my 02 but i do have my e30 if anyone wants to go for a little drive and grab a beer im more than down to drive anywhere. My dorm is not done so we're stuck up at Pacific union college. the roads around here are amazing i wish i had my 02.
  5. I'll be living in st Helena starting the 23rd so I can't make it this but hopefully I can drive down to your next meet
  6. If you want more tire you can probably run 225/45/15. That's what I run on my pig cheek car so I bet they would fit under turbo flares with the right offset
  7. ok i just wired mine about 10 seconds ago I'll run it through. Im running a pertronix, msd 6al, blaster 2, and tach adapter. I had to splice the original coil - wire into the white wire coming off the tach adapter. I used the wiring diagram on page 122 below instead of the one supplied in the instructions for the tach adapter. I can run through the other wires if you have a question. http://www.msdignition.com/uploadedFiles/MSDIgnitioncom/Support/WDTN.PDF
  8. the monza crowd is going to be insane. I was there the year after he retired when kimi crashed hard into the wall in practice and they both sucked in the race. Maranello was a depressing town to stay in that night. If he wins at monza for ferrari's first win this season, maranello and monza are going to be one big party.
  9. he refused to drive the f60 and now is has to learn it in a single weekend. his true skills in an open wheel car will shine when he is competitive in spain
  10. who cars about bmw they cant even make it out of Q1. Schummie's back and the ferrari is a good car once again. He will win in spain.
  11. i ran 33 chokes with 140 main and 175 airs and it ran ok. It wasnt perfect but had a lot of power and never struggled. i have 135's im going to put in tomorrow but only have 150, 175, 180, and 200 air correctors so im not sure what im going to do there. I have a 02 sensor port and im going to take it to a carb tuning outfit to get it jetted correctly.
  12. alright i figured it out. you might laugh. so i have two sets of dcoe's a set of 40 dcoe 2's and a set of 40 dcoe 151's. On the old 2's the aux venturi's were held in place by a spring that fit in a groove on the carb.... on the 151's there is a pin that comes up from the bottom that holds the aux venturi in place. now when i switched out my chokes to 33 i didnt put the aux venturi's back in correctly so the gas was hitting the side of the venturi instead of going into the hole and into the throat of the carb. after being fed up with the car not runnning with the 33 and the $100 of new jets i went back to the 30's and proceeded to install the aux venturi's wrong. again. Time to go put the 33's back in and the correct jets and enjoy the sound of dcoe's at wot.

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