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  1. Used crank for 1600-2002 mic’d (factory new specs) probably should be polished since it’s been in storage for years. Will ship Fedex for actual cost.
  2. Early round red center taillights, one lens has damage from hot bulb, but fully useable. 1968 date.
  3. Covers that bolt to nose under the grilles? my bellows have three bolts to fenders. Price shipped to 30411?
  4. Need front bumper shock covers (both sides) and LH end bellows
  5. jfutral


    Thanks, I've tried several local installers - they apparently don't have right distributors.
  6. jfutral


    Need nice, green windshield for ‘74
  7. jfutral

    E30 Bottlecap

    I have unused original spare (with factory unused tire) if you’re interested. $75 plus shipping.
  8. PM sent re: shipping. Still waiting!
  9. Not sure what you mean by having "run one with the nut loose". This has no apparent burring or scarring. I stripped the nut on a crankshaft on a seized engine that I overhauled, this pulley may have been on that engine-I don't know for sure. if you don't want it, it's fine. If you buy it and find it unsuitable, I'll take it back.
  10. Need nice windshield (Georgia)

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