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  1. jfutral

    WTB parking brake boot.

    Need nice boot for '74 2002
  2. jfutral

    SOLD wiper motor

    I'll take the wiper motor. Shipping to 30411
  3. jfutral

    Loud Speedo Cable

    Don't use graphite. A light coat of lithium grease is much better for the speedo!
  4. jfutral

    Cleaning House. More Parts Added.

    Thanks Paul!
  5. jfutral

    Turbo manifold

  6. Hi can you pm me at



    1. jfutral


      As requested 

  7. jfutral

    NOS front main wiring harness for 1974 tii

    Fits tii and non-tii up to 6/74 with 12 fuse box.
  8. jfutral

    NOS headliner (no sunroof)

    Leftover, still in original package.
  9. Not sure what this fits, left over.
  10. New, never used, front main harness Genuine new old stock.
  11. jfutral

    Turbo manifold

    I just listed this on eBay.
  12. jfutral

    Turbo manifold

    I did not intend to list this for $100. I know it's worth more than that! Sorry
  13. jfutral

    Turbo manifold

    What is it worth?
  14. jfutral

    wanted to buy m10 Turbo manifold

    I have a new, unused aftermarket (I think) one. What's it worth?
  15. jfutral

    Cleaning House. More Parts Added.

    Tii crank pulley/washer/nut and v belt pulley still available?