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  1. and include all venders. Where's the feedback forum??
  2. Take a camera, post all trip detail. I'm probably not the only one who whould like the hear the adventure. You're welcome here if you need some bits and pieces and would like to watch the pacific fly by at the start of your trip.
  3. I hate wet floors, rust floors, and floppy door trim panels. Nine out of ten of these problems result from leaky vapor barriers. Next time you have the trim panel and vapor barrier removed from your car, use your garden hose to apply water to the outside of your rolled up window in quantities sufficient to imitate rain fall. Much of the water will not be shed by the belt line seal,* and will pass through, into the door shell, between the glass and the “squeegee”. What passes through will drip off the bottom of the glass. It will not drip onto the outer door skin. It will not drip to the bottom of the door. It will drip onto the inner side of the door shell, and from there will want to pass through all the openings in the inner door shell in order to ruin your trim panel, and then your entire interior and floor. When you see the amount of water that comes through you’ll know why it’s so hard to find a good used trim panel, why I’m so obsessed with this, and why you should seal up the shell better than can be done using original type materials and technique. Why attempt to duplicate the original look where no one will see it? Use spray adhesive (any brand) on the entire inner door shell and the entire THIN plastic sheet. I use bin liners. Push the plastic into every low area and stick it to every mm of the inner door except around the lock rod. Cut away excess with razor blade being extra careful at the lower corners as the openings are very close to the edge here. *The belt line is at the bottom of glass. Down by the door handle is the upper side moulding. All cars have belt lines, some cars have no side mouldings.
  4. Please start one in construction zone. I'll contribute.
  5. This one computer is the only one I use. Thanks for your interest.
  6. Thank you for the reply. Yes, one time they are there, next time not there. No, not seen on other posts, and they are uploaded from my documents to the forum. Could it be blanks in file name; 742002 001, 742002 002? Do I need to change my file names? My photo program inserts the blanks. Thanks for your time.
  7. Why do the pics in my project blog come and go?
  8. This is what I'm doing to my '74. Clean up rust one area at a time, keep it driveable, paint someday. Descriptions in the project blog forum. Detailed useful advice requires detailed specific questions. For instance, rust at the rear edge of the fender means replace the part. Rust around the rocker moulding fastener can be repaired. General rule; A rust repair is permanent only if it is fully refinished on both sides.
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