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  1. So just to close the circle - I have ordered up a set of front and rear Koni Sports (#86-1519 Front; 80-1868 Rear). B6 Bilstein fronts are nla in US (back order since 2017). I went to the Bilstein UK site but they apparently won't ship here. Specifications on the "genuine BMW Bilsteins" available through Mobile Trad are unknown, So, much easier to just order the Konis which most folks seem to think are great too. Note they are on sale now. $484 including tax and free shipping for all 4 from Tire Rack
  2. I did. Response on the phone was not really clear. I emailed them and am hoping for clarification. My hunch is they are OEM size/length like the B6 (fka HD), and if so, then the question comes down to the compression/rebound rates (the parameter numbers noted by vic leonardo above). Are they stock, in which case I don't want them, or a bit stiffer like the old HDs, in which case I (and probably some other folks around here) do. I've been really happy with the HDs and ST springs for the past 15 years/75K miles. Like our cars, some of us are old and not really embracing change
  3. The Maximillian/Mobile Tradition/BMW Classic site shows a Bilstein strut insert with BMW part no 31 32 1 114 384. https://www.bmwmobiletradition-online.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=ST11&mospid=47129&btnr=31_0440&hg=31&fg=05&hl=6 Anybody know if this is more or less the same as the old HD or B6 which is nla in the US? I do not want the stiffer Bili "Sport" or B8 equivalent. They also show Boge and F&S inserts with different part nos for less $, though I'll go with Koni's if I can't find Bili HDs
  4. Really like the look of my black/whit(grey?) Coco Mats. Very nice with my Chamonix over Black/blue. Would consider black/red just to make it pop
  5. A Timely Post! I have had HDs (front and rear) with ST springs (only slightly lower than stock) for almost 70K miles now and have been very happy with the set-up. BUT, I've started to notice a little extra bounce in the rear and am considering new rears and was wondering about availability of the HDs. So, Is the B6 basically the same or pretty close to the HD. And are they generally available. Anybody bought any recently? Where? If not, the Koni "Str.T" looks like a similar performance level. Comments, advice and actual information solicited TIA!
  6. BMW mechanic friend in town I asked knew of no local (Richmond, Va) diff rebuilders.
  7. I posted this question a couple of days ago but it appears to have gotten lost in the recent FAQ server crash, so apologies for the repeat. I used the search and didn't see this addressed in the last several years. I am fresh out of spare differentials, having recently installed the one that's been sitting on my shelf for several years after the old one gave up. Would like to have the old one rebuilt for whenever the "new" one goes. I know about Diffsonline and Metric Mechanic, but wonder about other options, especially east coast. Suggestions? Thanks!
  8. "4/20" am I the only one who instinctively did the Beavis & Butthead laugh
  9. Be sure you can loosen the fill plug Before you remove the drain plug
  10. Ordered a new (reman) Bosch AL116x from Summit. Was on back order but now they advise it is NLA. This the e21 internally regulated 55 amp unit I think many of us have been running. Other easy bolt in options?
  11. I have been running Crane XR700 ignition with their PS20 coil for several years, but my mechanic tells me one reason the electric choke on my Weber 38/38 dges doesn't work is because it's not getting enough voltage which it draws from the coil. So he bypassed the ceramic ballast which has been in use up to now and now the choke gets proper voltage. BUT, Do we need the resistor to avoid burning something out? The instructions that came with the PS20 are a little confusing. I do still have the old Bosch Blue coil from back in the day and presumably could go back to that. But, to further add to the confusion, I understand the blue coils came both with and without internal resistor. How to tell? If it has internal resistance, am I correct that I would not need to use the external ceramic ballast resistor? Is the answer to simply get the power for the choke from a different source? Somebody please straighten me out. Thanks!
  12. Thanks Rocky! Anybody actually install one these? Any problems? For the price, there's not much to lose, but I'm sometimes a little skeptical of ebay items.
  13. The electric choke on my 38/38 DGES has never really worked satisfactorily. It has been fiddled with by a couple of supposedly knowledgeable wrenches, including Korman, but it's just not right so would like to convert to manual. My '70 came with a manual choke and the original knob is still in place, but need source for other parts and instructions for removal of the electric choke and replacement with manual parts. TIA
  14. Can you tell us what the out-of-the-box jetting of the 38/38 is?
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