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  1. Just to add my .02 cents, although this seems to be closed and satisfied, it all comes down to your policy. Agreed value vs other, fine print around mileage and use, etc. but I can tell you I have used both Grundy and Hagerty extensively for a lot of my classic cars and never had an issue. I had Hagerty on my 67 1600 back in 2007 and when I lost it in a fire, they paid out quickly with no questions asked. Full agreed value. Had it not been for that fire, I'd still have that ol' gal. So no issues with Hagerty just for the record. As for the car, it lives on with Mike Pugh....
  2. always good to hear from you Dave. I see you still have the Datsun.....
  3. jgerock, awesome. those are actually some of my pics I took back then. I was just looking through them. I used to post them on a website gallery where folks could grab them. so you just saved me from having to upload. lol. Sweet. Problem is when I retired my webserver I just downloaded all my pics to one main folder and now I have to sort through thousands of them. Here is one more from the 2004 event at Limerock. shameless plug for my own Tii back then.
  4. Mike, I don't know how you stay so sharp and remember all that. I'm only a few years behind you and my brain is a sieve. But you are correct. Watkins Glen, 2007 touring with friends. John, I have tons of pics from all the events I used to attend and the websites I used to maintain. I will find a few more and post them. That second event is 02 Fest East 13th annual event at Limerock in CT. It is Formula one season again so I can be found up there around memorial day and also at Formula 4 events... Good times...
  5. Random pic of the day. Just sharing. I was cleaning up my archive of pics last night which I hadn't looked through in a very long time and came across many great events and memories. Here are two teasers. See if you can identify which events and whether or not your car is in there! Enjoy.
  6. I followed you for a few miles (stalker!) When we hit main street in Ephrata, I pulled up next to you in my silver convertible and gave a thumbs up. I wanted to stop and chat but your windows were up and you were headed the other way. Just wanted to say hi and see if you were a member on here.
  7. C'mon Stone. You know you wanted to pull that head anyway... slacker.
  8. I think I will wait until you are all done so you can make your biggest mistake yet; leaving it in my garage. I got a thing for Fjords... nice project...
  9. LOL. Same ol' Ray! Awesome. Yep. I like to troll once in a while to see what you guys are up to and keep you on your toes... And Mike, me thinks a road trip may be in order soon so don't be surprised if I show up one day!
  10. Any unusual vibration? Or rattling noises? How long were you having the alignment issues? Even when the rubber looks good it is not necessarily indicative of a 'good condition' guibo. Ive seen new ones fail much earlier than expected but it depends on how hard the car is driven. Cracks are never good but there are times when superficial cracks or tearing of the skin are ok.
  11. Just the way I like them. Mostly stock and clean. I wouldn't hesitate to own/drive an 02 daily so long as the mechanicals are fairly sorted. Enjoy her!
  12. Ray's got waaaay too many nice cars already. Don't give it to him. Give it to the needy - people like me this is a great car, as is for the price. timing is a bit off ... I may be in the market soon but not ready now. dangit.
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