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  1. I use the AL41X which is 65 amp with internal regulator. It took an assortment of spacers to get the pulley to line up perfectly.
  2. Thanks Anthony! I think they turned out great.
  3. Agreed, great price. I would snatch this up if I didn’t already have one with plenty invested in it. Good luck with the sale.
  4. If they are 4x100 bolt pattern they will fit, but you will have to run some pretty thick (5/8"spacers) to get you to the net 25mm offset area. You would also need some longer studs. RG-F's are really nice light and strong forged wheels. I think they made a 15x7 with a 36mm offset and a deeper lip, but they are difficult to find.
  5. Rick74

    3-pc Wheels

    The wheels have been sold. Thanks for the interest.
  6. Rick74

    3-pc Wheels

    Make an offer I can't refuse!
  7. Rick74

    3-pc Wheels

    Sorry, that info would help....located in the East Bay, San Francisco Area.
  8. Black Racing BR-R Competition 3-pc wheels (wheels only, no tires). 15 x 7, 17mm offset. 4x100. These fit my 2002 once the fenders were rolled with 195-50-15 tires (Yokohama S-drives and Toyo R1R's both worked) These are super rare wheels that were made in Japan in the early 90's, and I have owned these since then. You will occasionally see other sets for sale in the U.S., but not with this offset (mostly high offset with no lip). The wheels were recently disassembled, straightened, centers were painted BBS gold with clear coat, lips polished, & resealed/reassembled. Wheels are in excellent condition with no curb rash. The center caps were unfortunately stolen years ago. I am only selling because they will not fit over the large Ireland Engineering Wilwood rear brake kit I am currently running.
  9. Thanks for the kind words Rick

  10. Thank you, I am all set. Joysterm helped me out.
  11. Rdeeble - yeah I probably should have mentioned it is for my '74. Thank you. Joysterm - what do you have? Can you email me a picture? Calgolf7[at] yahoo {dot} com
  12. Looking for an entire wiper linkage assembly with all necessary hardware. Motor too if available. Thanks, Rick74
  13. Another vote for Racecraft in Woodinville. Terry and Jim do outstanding work.
  14. Looking for a set of BBS RG003 - 15x7, 25mm offset, 4x100. Let me know if you have a set you want to sell.
  15. Jim318 - how many splines does your 3-bolt flange have?
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