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  1. Yeah, need to narrow the location a bit. SCR is great, but if it's too far, Graham at Bimmers Only knows 2002s (he sold me my first one many, many years ago).
  2. Andrej

    Perplexed some. Any insights?

    Probably internal corrosion in the wire. Just replace it. No reason to go nuts.
  3. Depends on the film. Portra has a lot of DR and tremendous latitude for overexposure. Digital has gotten better over the years, but in my experience most negative film exceeds digital in both DR and latitude. I find I have to shoot digital almost like slide film to get decent results without endless manipulation.
  4. Nice shots. Film is where it's at. I don't have a lot of photos of my car, but plenty of car photos. My car: A few others: Let me know if you're looking for any tips or advice on particular techniques.
  5. Andrej

    Existential Crisis

    Yeah, this. Either full cage and harnesses or forget it. Half-assed unpadded roll bars are a whole collection of bad ideas.
  6. Andrej

    Existential Crisis

    Almost anything you do to make it more of a track car will make it less of a road car and almost certainly cause you to drive it less, not more. Climbing over door bars and sitting in fixed-back racing seats gets old fast. If you want a track car that's fine, but don't delude yourself into thinking you'll get more seat time (unless you sleep on a Scrooge McDuck-scale pile of money, in which case this whole discussion is moot). Do anything that needs to be done, and anything that will add to the reliability of the car, and drive the damn thing whenever you can.
  7. Clear communication and methodical diagnostics will go a long way to making this simple. Do you have spark? What is the battery voltage? Is there fuel in the carburetors? Is the engine trying to catch and failing or just spinning? First establish which system is failing, then work on what part is at fault.
  8. Fuel, air, and spark. You say plenty of fuel, but where? In the tank or in the float bowls? Assuming air, since you don't need much to start and idle, and it would be unlikely for rodents to fill all four throats in a couple months. Voltage? Are you using a jump box or charger? If so, have you verified spark?
  9. I've seen them cracked like that before. Not sure what causes it, but it's not unheard of. I've welded a couple without issues.
  10. Andrej

    JANUARY SALE: Genuine BMW tii exhaust: $299!

    Yeah, it's me - I took a little break. Still driving the same car, though it looks a bit different these days: I like the name you've given it - too bad it won't fit on a vanity plate. Good to see you around too, and back at Max. Just like old times.
  11. Andrej

    JANUARY SALE: Genuine BMW tii exhaust: $299!

    I knew it wasn't 100%, but I didn't realize it was that bad. I guess I haven't been bitten by the inaccuracies yet. I'll have to crawl under my car and see which muffler is on there. In the event I only wanted the resonator, what's the going rate? Either way any exhaust upgrade is going to be contingent on how my money my suspension demands be spent on it....
  12. Andrej

    JANUARY SALE: Genuine BMW tii exhaust: $299!

    What are the part numbers on these? Realoem seems to show the same p/ns for tii and non-tii as far as I can tell. Is there a difference I'm missing? I've got a factory muffler (got the check the p/n on it to know exactly which version) and have considered replacing the muffler shop intermediate pipe and resonator with the OE piece.
  13. Mine's been safely tucked in the garage since the beginning of December. Winter is time to work on the car, unheated garage and ~20F temps be damned. Just finished some maintenance, reworking some wiring, throwing in a new starter, rebuilding the carbs, and port-matching the intake. Probably rip the interior out next to clean up a few things, then once it starts to warm up a little go over the suspension - it's been in there for 20+ years, so it's probably due for some work. Hopefully it's ready to go when the roads clear in the spring.
  14. Andrej

    1 Series-2002, discuss.

    The front end is the best of it. The rear, well, let's just say they lost the plot somewhere along the line. Really need to see a hardtop version of it, but I suspect no such beast exists.