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  1. Interested. Just sent you a PM.
  2. Nice looking car, Jim. Congratulations. Welcome back (but you have always been an 02 guy at heart). Looking forward to taking a ride in it sometime.
  3. I second that. Steve (Blunt) is a great resource for parts. Congratulations on the purchase and enjoy!
  4. Glad to help! Got some good use out of that console from the '67 1600. Looking good.
  5. Contribution made. Glad to give back to this wonderful site. Thanks for the effort and work Steve.
  6. Cool find. Congratulations on the buy.
  7. Well said Ryan. I love driving my 1968 1600 with its bus type steering wheel, 1-bbl carb, skinny 165 tires and no sway bars. Just pure driving pleasure. And as you note, the 1600cc motor is sweet. Revs like crazy. I have had my 1600 since 2009 and have loved driving it every minute since "Chico Joe" drove it across the country from Northern California to Mount Airy, NC. An early 1600 is a special car, no doubt. Hoping that the one on BaT does well.
  8. Les, Thanks for letting us know the results of your request. Fortunately, my Touring seals are in decent shape for now.
  9. Very nice. Bristol is a great color. GLWS.
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