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  1. I am interested as well. Located in TN but happy to pay shipping.
  2. Yeah it's a project for sure. Have various metal for the repair plus a good 1800 shell. This is a 1965 1800ti Bristol in color. Feel free to reach out to me if interesting. Sam
  3. Nice wheel, Andrew. I have a 2 spoke wheel in my stash that also has the small hairline cracks at the spokes. So it would appear that most, if not all, do that.
  4. The wheels are still available.  Based on shipping quotes I got to other locales, I'd estimate shipping costs to be around $150 for four wheels.

  5. Paulo, How much is shipping to zip 37683? Do you take PayPal? Sam [email protected]
  6. Interested. Just sent you a PM.
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