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  1. SamAdams

    WTB early dimmer

    PM sent
  2. SamAdams

    cromodora CD40 wheels

  3. SamAdams

    1972 tii intake FS

    PM sent.
  4. Count me in for one set. Thanks.
  5. SamAdams

    1600 single solex with accessories

    Email sent on the Solex carb.
  6. SamAdams

    14 inch stock steelies

    What is the width?
  7. SamAdams

    Remanufacturing 2002 Parts

    Ryan, I would be interested in two sets of the seat escutcheons. Great work.
  8. SamAdams

    I'm back into 2002s once again!

    Nice looking car, Jim. Congratulations. Welcome back (but you have always been an 02 guy at heart). Looking forward to taking a ride in it sometime.
  9. SamAdams

    New BMW 2002 Owner

    I second that. Steve (Blunt) is a great resource for parts. Congratulations on the purchase and enjoy!
  10. SamAdams

    Early Euro upholstery

    Glad to help! Got some good use out of that console from the '67 1600. Looking good.
  11. SamAdams

    Introducing FAQ Memberships

    Contribution made. Glad to give back to this wonderful site. Thanks for the effort and work Steve.
  12. SamAdams

    75 sun-baked inka.

    Cool find. Congratulations on the buy.
  13. SamAdams

    Early 1600 Window Crank

    PM sent.