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  1. These came from a shop that does Porsche 356 coach cars (Intermeccanica). They would only use the seat bases since the cars never used headrests they were just stored away for many years. http://www.intermeccanica.com/
  2. I also have an aftermarket locking gas cap in good shape with both keys still to sell.
  3. I have a few sets of NOS cloth (black) headrests. Perfect shape wrapped and in boxes. $125 plus shipping. thanks
  4. sorry guys missed that you needed paypal requests, thought it was just for quotes. will get to it tonight, thanks
  5. for both of you guys the shipping is similar $50 Cdn for a pair of headrests. That equates to around $38 for regular USPS (Canada Post) shipping. Shipping will take approx 5 days (give or take with the Border guards. They can slow the mail down a bit).
  6. will try to get these quotes by the end of the week. I am a little busy with some renovations this week and do have next week free as well. Will Pm when i have that info. thanks
  7. If you would have noticed I haven't been on this sight for some time. I have not replied because I have not gotten any notifications that someone had replied to my ad. Yes i have the turn signals still available as well as the gas cap. You can email me if you wish at akarcioglu at gmail.com thanks
  8. erased the wrong text... Brand new factory Recaro NOS fabric headrests. These came from a local supplier of high end Porsche 356 knock off cars. They could only use the seat bases as the headrest made the seats too tall. I have a few sets left. All are black fabric in perfect shape. They should fit all Recaro seats (I did find some very early Recaros that had different spacing on the posts but these are quite rare). Price is $125/pair. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. I can arrange regular mail, UPS and Fed/Ex
  9. bump this ad up. I still have a bunch of this stuff for sale.... thanks
  10. for the people interested in the turn signal switch, let me know which one you want. There are part numbers and prices listed (except prices for the NOS switches). Thanks
  11. sorry I haven't ben able to get down to the post office to check on shipping just yet. I will hopefully have some free time at the beginning of the week to do so. I found a few other things to sell... Brand new front windshield rubber gasket $30 2 brand new E10 2002 rear emergency brake cables. $30 4 used Enkie 8 spoke (look like Panasports)wheels fair shape could use a repaint $150
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