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  1. Bump...it is the part behind the ignition tumbler (lock). Pulled it counter clockwise and attempted the reverse and it won't go back it. Any help is appreciated.
  2. I had one locksmith finally unjamm my ignition lock but while trying to put it back in I noticed the part right below it was not turning. I took it out and found a pin ( not sure where it came from) and now, can't put it back it in. I recall turning it counter clock wise to take it out but I'm on my 2nd hour trying to undo what I did. So what is the trick?
  3. mike,

    Hope all is well. I'm trying to get the tumbler pin out of my ignition lock. Yesterday, a locksmith came out to unjam the stuck key and he couldn't do it and I am left with tapping or drilling the pin. Should the pin completely move inward and the tumbler will come out without any force or it needs to be hacked? From the image, does it look to you the tumbler has moved in


  4. My driver seat has the 2 spots for the right side rail to anchor broken off. Besides getting it welded, can I get away by anchoring it in the two middle holes if I can?
  5. My driver seat has to 2 spots for the right side rail to anchor broken off. Besides getting it welded, can I get away by anchoring it in the two middle holes if I can?
  6. Couldn't take out the #1 spark plug, everytime I try, some sandy grey matter kept on coming out. I was calling for the all Gods of cars begging to help me out. The car was last seriously driven in June of 2007. I've driven it less than a couple of miles at a time, an average of 10 times a year since then. It started running bad in the lower rpm and figured maybe it was bad fuel or clogged carb and cleaned it all out but didn't get any better. So I just went ahead and changed the plugs, I had new ones sitting. #1 was unreal, it was practically rusted glued on the head. It came out after 30min fighting and after bringing the big tools out. I cleaned the head, but I have no idea what made it go that way when it's not even being used. Any idea?
  7. In a hurry of just wanting to get rid of that remote servo brake system, I tore apart the pedal box/brake system. Plan is to go with the 320i master cylinder, keep the mechanical clutch. Can I use any of the later pedal boxes or has to be the specific one for the mechanical clutch? Is there anything else I should be on the look out for? I'm touching this car after 10 years just sitting, I'm hoping to start it before going back to work. TIA
  8. Nice tii, hope you are on this board. It was nice to see a good looking tii on a beautiful day. Left you a note.. Yes, Lakewood CA.
  9. Thanks Mike. I believe it was your article I read. I am just hung up on saving this thing as it is, but I guess might need to swap and get over it.
  10. A few years back, I wasn't at home and someone was told to move the car. Grabs the key ring with 10 or more 2002 keys on it and goes into the car not knowing which one was the right one. Well, it didn't go as planned, used the wrong key and the ignition turned half way and got stuck. Ever since then, I am using a screw driver after pulling the ignition unit behind the key. I've tried everything including nudging it, spraying key oil spray etc. For one, I don't know which key was used ( I still have the same sets of keys), I've sat for hours on end some days trying to figure it out. Is it a lost case where I have to get the steering assembly and get over it? or maybe a good locksmith can fix it? I know these cars are troublesome sometimes with the keys, I wonder if I should just give up and get an assembly. How should I approach it ? BTW, I've searched and read a good writing about it, but no good result yet.
  11. Hello All, I found an almost new E21 Radiator for my 1600, but it is the auto version. I know the manual is a semi-direct swap and have done it before. Is there a way to modify the automatic transmission version to fit a manual trans car? Can I plug those bottom holes and use them? I was hoping to do so. TIA
  12. Selling a few things on Ebay. Rear panels, door handles, dual mikuni carbs, instrument cluster dash piece, driving lights and more. As usual, can work something out with a buyer here, feel free to pm me. Price varies. Listing for Mikuni Mikuni phh carb ************ ** Driving lights - Sold ** Becker Europa - Sold
  13. I am coverting an old 1600 brake into the newer one. So will need the whole pedal box from a later 1600/2002, booster and brake master cylinder. Plus a distributor (don't have the part # handy, can trade for a 2002 one). A mechanical fuel pump will be great too. sheggaw at gmail.com Thanks
  14. My brother in law trying to help move the car used the wrong key in the ignition, turned it in 1/3 of the way and got stuck. It has been about 2 years like that trying to figure out what the heck I am supposed to do. The other week I tried lubing it and using the some of the keys i have ( I have no clue with one he used) to turn it back to the original spot. I have had no luck at all. Right now we are starting the car with a screw driver (i had to separate the solinoid from the key). Beside bringing in some key master and try to sort it out, what can I do ? thanks in advance
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