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  1. Circa 1980 when I was a ski bum in Steamboat. I had a 74 02 (still remember serial number 4226278) at the time, and this guy in town had a roundie with the greatest license plates. At the time, you could tell which county you lived in in CO by the two letter prefix on the plates - so Routt County was WZ...
  2. That is an amazing find, John! I wish now I had taken a peek at mine, but when we compared notes, I saw we had the same part number, so I have to assume mine has the screen as well. As per above, I did put in a new filter up by the radiator, and also I had cleaned up the tank screen, which was somewhat grungy. Since it had been 20 years since I replaced it, I went ahead and did that as well. Thanks for the advice!
  3. Finally put it all back together and it's running great. I used the Mann filter btw, will see how that one works...
  4. At the same time, I am also changing the filter up by the radiator. I think the original I have is no longer in stock, and I ordered the two seen below. Any experience/recommendations for either one - Hengst or Mann? I use only Mann oil filters, but never this particular fuel filter.
  5. Thanks John! I am following Keith's guidance around keeping that original plug intact - just in case the original pumps come back into production. My update preserves that plug and I will just plug in the spade lugs that will fit in that plug, and use an original rubber cover identical to the one on the other side which should cover it. Looking forward to a quieter and more reliable pump, but preserving the possibility to revert to original if a future owner wants that. My view of all this is that we are just caretakers for future owners.
  6. You mean like this? Ha, I remember reading Keith's article when he first wrote it, so pretty familiar with it. Funny, I found something I posted here in 2002, 18 years ago, asking about the availability of the inlet filter, since mine was missing. Who knows how long, but at least 20 years, as long as I have owned this tii. I should have bought the pump then, I suppose, I think they were around $150, which seemed high to me at the time!
  7. Thanks all for the advice, still moving forward with the 5 series pump.... for those of you who have performed this operation, could you look at these pics to let me know if I have the fuel line routed correctly from the outlet of the pump to the canister? This is how it looked in some other pics but once the install has occurred it is hard to see. the other outlet port from the canister will go to the kugelfischer. Before I bolt it back up and connect the big line from the fuel tank to the front of the pump, I want to make sure I have it right. Thanks,
  8. Yes, you are correct; the 5 series pump does not have a filter on the inlet. I will put an inline filter between the fuel tank and the inlet on the new pump. Thanks !
  9. Hi folks, I am forging ahead with the 5 series fuel pump conversion path for my tii, but I did notice a number of folks have recommended an inline fuel filter - I believe between the gas tank and the inlet on the fuel pump. Is that the correct location and can anyone offer their experience on this - what did you use and where did you locate it? Many thanks! Andy74tii
  10. Yes, looking at the picture, you're right. OK then, I will get a 5 series pump and re read Keith's article --- thanks!
  11. Hi folks, it seems like my fuel pump on my 74 tii is about to give up the ghost finally. With the recent hot weather, I came back from a short drive today and it would not hold idle, and was super noisy. So at long last, looking for options. I looked at the Walloth Nesch site and found this: https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/fuel-pump-for-2002-tii-turbo-you-need-1-for-1-car-16-06-10.html Additionally, it appears you can buy the expansion tank as well: https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/expansion-tube-16-06-11.html I thought these things were close to unobtainable, and checking Mesa, their price pump alone is $750. Are the W&N pumps the real deal? I was thinking I would have to go the E28 option, but if these W&N prices are for real, maybe worth it to go that way. Any experience out there with these pumps? Am I missing something? Thanks, Andy74tii
  12. Aha, thanks Andy! And thank you also Steve for reminding me of the reason I stopped coming here several years ago ....
  13. Seeing all the positive comments about the Porterfields... where can you buy these?
  14. Good to know,and thanks! Significant price difference between Blunt and Ireland, interesting...
  15. Hi folks, it's been a while since I've done a lot of driving in the tii, but now that I am, I am wondering whether the brake rotors are still NLA. If they are available, who has them? Ireland? W&N? Autohausaz? THANKS! Andy74tii
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