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  1. Damn, Dan, that buying three is good advice.
  2. I think the two tone door panels look great. Not crazy about the two tone seats, but getting those re-done is big money. I'm with CD. Do the floor mats. Enjoy the rest. It looks great.
  3. I have only a few thousand miles on a new gas pedal with the new plastic bushing, with the plastic tape to reduce friction. The pedal has become notchie. Not smooth at all. I looked it over this evening and the plastic bushing on the linkage rod end (inserted into the pedal) is all ready gone. Anyone else seeing this? Is there a better solution? Part two of this is of course that I have another new plastic bushing for the pedal. It isn't where it is supposed to be, so I guess I'll find it when I get the thing fixed!
  4. I fed directly from the fuel pump to the 32/36. Did that part worked with the original Solex.
  5. I used the Painless Perfomenace wire which I sourced from Summit Racing. It is excellent quality and it is not "cheap".
  6. By eliminating a coarse, non-controlled fuel source it cleans up the fuel delivery and gives me more confidence in the jets I have installed. I'm not sure I'm done with jetting, but now I will be better able to identify the effectiveness of the changes I make. As well, throttle response is all together more crisp. I have to think it will improve my mileage which is running around 21mpg hwy. I did not "remove" the top of the carb. I unscrewed it and lifted/tilted it. The little cotter pin on the choke arm isn't going to take any more removals and I don't, at this time, have a spare. By lifting it I could get into the area with some JB Weld and plug the brass tube which inserts into the lower carb body...making sure to clean the glue off the outside of the orifice. A word of caution. Don't do this until just before bed time. Then you won't be tempted to drive before the epoxy sets up. A questions though, is the orifice I plugged connected to the little brass tube which protrudes into the choke butterfly area? If so, could this not be done without removing the carb top? I've made no secret of how "carb shallenged" I am. I look at something like this and can only think the Weber engineers decided to put his "feature" into their product on April 1st and then they sit round and chuckle about it over a couple beers. Kinda like my wifes Mini. You can see the engineers sitting around going "what else can we do"? One of them said, "we could make it so you have to pull the door handle twice to get the door to open." They all reply, "good idea!" No one bothers to say, "Why?" CD, I'm photo challenged too. send me a pm to [email protected] and I'll send you a pic which you can post.
  7. Well, I pulled the top of the 32/36 and epoxied the brass orifice. Amazing how something so small can have such a positive impact on the drive. Thanks, again!
  8. Just measured my 32'36 K&N. Oval shaped 6X8x1.75 tall. I think the taller fitlers are for the 38/38.
  9. Aw, damn it CD! You force me to admit my astounding level of ineptitude. I've been real unhappy with both mileage and response with my car. I'm running your jetting prescription. I decided to get to the bottom of it and so studied the books and your posts and decided to see if the idle jet was dirty. So I pulled the primary idle jet and it was a 55. Wait a minute, that isn't right. It should be a 60 in the primary. Oh, no...The dawn brakes. Oh no!!.... So I pulled the jets and properly swapped them. Stunning difference. To answer your question, I cannot screw the right jets into the correct holes and you want me to identify and "epoxy" my carb body. I'd end up with my lower lip stuck to the carb. I'm to damn dumb to be issued an epoxy license. Ever the optimist, or ignoring all the evidence, you say it is the only brass tube...
  10. I've got the HD's with poly, srings and sway bars. Solid, great ride and feel.
  11. I'm running a F50 primary and F6 secondary emulsion tubes along with CD's jetting recommendations. I'm getting some bogging coming off idle onto the mains. It idles and runs pretty smoothly, just need that...little bit more!
  12. Nothing like a road trip! They put things into perspective. Very happy it is going well!
  13. Try putting the caps in hot water for a bit and see if they will confrom. I was able to get mine on, but it was a chore.
  14. First of all. Sleep naked and this doesn't happen. There is plenty of time for night shirts and flannel after you are hitched.
  15. And water...enough for the car and the travel team. I'd get a real early jump on 50. The heat can build across that area real quickly and you do have passes to cross. This months Roundel has a write-up of a X-country trip that is pretty good also.
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