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  1. Sadly, no. https://californiamille.com Scroll down the page.
  2. The attached image of my 1974 2002 (#4225509) was taken in my backyard in the year 1975.
  3. The "Bavaria" script on the rear panel is a phenomena left over from the early 1970s. BMW owners applied the "Bavaria" script to their cars to declare their residence in, or pride of, the Free State of Bavaria. The BMW E3 4-door models imported to North America, are for the most part called, or referred to as the "Bavaria". It's part of a Marketing Program under American Bob Lutz, (Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at BMW from 1971-1974) who noticed Americans sometimes (sadly) confused "Bavarian Motor Works" with "'British' Motor Works". Slap the name "Bavaria" on the back of those big four-door cars and the problem was mitigated. Since the "Bavaria" script was not to be found on anything other than North American specification E3 models, enterprising Germans and Bavarians in particular bought the "Bavaria" script from their local dealer and applied it to the rear panel of their 1600, 2002, 1802 and other BMW models. In some cases, in a stealthy move to maintain a low profile on the Autobahn, Germans would remove their numeric badges entirely and cover the offending holes with the Bavaria script. So, keep that Bavaria script on your rear panel. It has a special purpose. It's there for a reason. Nice car, by the way.
  4. 1974 2002tii #2782824 Polaris Silver
  5. 1973 2002tii Inka Orange #2762756
  6. This site indicates they are American Racing Wheels http://www.triumphspitfire.com/wheels.html
  7. FWIW, Bob Lally's 1972 2002tii used this vinyl from GAHH. https://www.gahh.com/gallery/material-color-swatches/imported-vinyl-bmw.html Black is 1010S The pleats were top-stitched at Franzini Brothers to match the vertical pattern/width on the rear seat. The TMI Foam from CJ Pony is a perfect match for the original seats. When completed the seats are comfortably firm and they feel as good as - if not better than - the way they were when new.
  8. I may be horribly late in responding to your ad, but are these seat parts still available? Delia Wolfe San Francisco deliawolfe at gmail.com
  9. Looking for a nice, good condition (driver quality) long console hazard switch/ashtray panel - with or without the ashtray - for a 1973 2002. Delia
  10. I've installed two Vintage Air units in 2002s. Throw away the factory heater box, enlarge the hole in the scuttle and build a metal box roughly the size of the Vintage Air unit. We didn't bother trying to utilize the glovebox - too much plumbing in the way. A small sacrifice. It's a lot of work, but worth it.
  11. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/cto/d/1969-bmwspeed-sweet-ride/6753229769.html VIN 2531737 is a 2002 automatic built between May 1969 and December 1969 (VIN 253001 to 2532043). Based on production numbers this car was not likely to have been built in May, 1969. It was probably built at some time closer to December, 1969. That's not a criticism, just an observation.
  12. VIN 2760481 That's a USA/North American specification 1972 2002tii. The front left side inner wheel house looks to have been replaced (note the weld near the fusebox). I hope you have the racing logbook to go with it. Delia
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