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  1. All white everything 😜 I’m getting really tempted to shake things up and maybe get rid of the “BMW motorsports white” theme..... great photo by @vetteman211 Brett mayfield
  2. I get what your saying....I still dont think it's a handful honestly.....YMMV....everyone is different. FYI....I was a professional AMA Motorcycle roadracer from 15 until I "retired" at 19. Then raced AMA supermoto again in 2004 for 2 seasons.... auto-x, hpde then started roadracing cars...then raced cars on a reality show called setup on speedvision.....did some nasa enduro's with friends....and was instructing with them and did a few other races....then took a 11 yr break....just turned 40 and had my first child.....which made me want to start racing again! Students scare me.....especially in street cars...no hans, very little saftey, very high HP cars.....and idiot owners.... I learned a lot instructing. Good students were rewarding but I'm good now....too many crazy drivers at hpde events and all the new cars are so fast it's nuts and like 0 safety. Considering Im in my extremly caged race car....using a hans, race seat, 6pt belts and fire system.....all for a car with 134hp. It feels super odd to step in a car with 600+HP, super heavy in a t-shirt and shorts and a helmet. Kinda threw in towel with nasa instructing after one too many scary rides in corvettes/porsches.... alo the year I quit there were 2 instructor fatalities in in CA.....
  3. My other diff has higher lockup. Funny enough.....I got almost the same laptime with each diff/gear ratio. 1:40.1 on the LSD 4.44 1:40.3 on the welded 4.10 2 months apart.....we had no wind this weekend but the track was dirty and seamed slower (everyone went slower) That said....I have a feeling that the 4.44 LSD might be faster. Going to try that one next time again. Also I used to instruct with NASA for 3 years......drove lots of cars. I would have to disagree with you. I actually don't think my race car is a "handful" tp drive at speed. Honestly it's very predictable, rotates nicely and has decent balance. I ahve driven plenty of other cars I consider a handfull...... most p-cars, s2000, viper.....etc etc..
  4. Getting by #77 James Haley in turn 3 for position in sat’s qualifying race. Photo by📸 @vetteman211
  5. The only good thing about being the last race on the days schedule? The golden sunset light as your packing up.... what a weekend it was!
  6. What a perfect end to my first full season back to racing! There was many memorable moments, and a few low points (my car fire) but all in all I learned a ton, made new friends, got to drive my car fast, make some passes got 2 podium finishes and most of all just being there and getting to drive this car hard is pure joy. Looks like things might just be getting sorted out and I can finally start focusing on the driving. So things are looking up for next season. I have to now give a big thanks first to my amazing wife for supporting my return to racing, making it possible for me return to my lifelong passion, bringing our daughter to come watch daddy race and bring an all around amazing mom. I love both of you so much 😍 there are ups and downs in racing and life but it’s always an amazing feeling coming home to you guys after being away for the weekend. I’d also like to send a big thanks to Kevin Mcdonald from Mac’s Performance for putting in some amazing work on the car and getting it running and setup well enough for me to has a fun and successful and fun weekend. 💪🙏 can’t wait for next season.!!
  7. LSD was 4.44 with increased lockup. It's great, I just wanted to try a different gearing. The welded diff is a 4.10. cheapest way to try out new gearing was to just buy an open diff and weld it.... Honestly I also wanted to try a locked diff as I heard it was a good way to go on a fast track with not that many tight turns like willow. GoPro5 4k 24fps -1ev
  8. hahaha...... this is as good as it going to get for now I have a race in a few days and was way too busy. Plus I kinda of want to wait until I do something about the livery/paint
  9. Never seen anyone use one. I have the offset bumpsteer spacers from Ireland. So bumpsteer has been reduced. Honestly it's just a bumpy track also..... the other thing is with a locked diff the rear end us "lively" so there are more steering correction to be make as you hit bumps or the rear starts to steer etc... "the kickback" you see might just be me reacting to the rear sliding from the lock diff. you need to react fast or it's game over.
  10. Live just north of glenoaks, PM me you can stop by anytime to check out the car ( i work from home most the time) I always have a an eye out for '02's never seen you!! Go figure. Took me all year to get the car to this point but now it's finally dialed in. You should definitely get a race car. Your never too old. Plenty of the guys on the grid are 60+ in fact wayne(RX3) is up there in age and one of the fastest drivers in our class. I have a 5spd overdrive, so 1:1 is 4th gear. I never use 5th in the video. I'm in 4th on the front straight and on the back straight. Driving the locked diff was interesting. I spun out in practice on friday on the second lap....takes a bit to get used to.
  11. Thanks Jeff!! After chasing gremlins, getting a few DNF's and even catching on fire just like you did at ocktoberfest (not sure if you heard about that)...... finally I took my car to Kevin's shop and he found lots of problems and finally put the car on scales and tried to corner balance it a bit. He also got the engine running just right! He was a big help. Car felt good on the outside of 2 and yes most people don't use that line enough. Everyone hugs the inside alot. The Blue '02 is Matt Rose from Ronin Autowerks. It's a BS car with box flares and alot more HP. It's his first race back with that car in over a year so I think he was still sorting it out.
  12. Would of loved to have attended the Socal Vintage but unfortunately they both landed on the same weekend!! Got a ton of stuff on the car sorted thanks to major help from Kevin Mcdonald. Put in a locked 4.10 diff and the car ran great all weekend finally. Build project thread updated...of course you can always follow along on instagram @1602racer I started the race from the back of the grid and worked my way all the way to P7 and most importantly P3 in my class (BS-L) it was action packed from start to finish, grab a coffee and enjoy the race plenty of 2002 going fast!!
  13. I have it in my race car, been working great up until recently(5 race weekends).... it was the o2 sensor that went bad. Thing is the leaded race gas kills the O2 sensor eventually. This is normal and well known. The guage itself if works great. Should last alot longer on pump gas.
  14. Beautiful!! Congrats!!! I want the hot wheels car!!
  15. Here is the full race video!! It was action packed from start to finish!! I had to start in the back in 2nd to last place with Matt Rose#6 behind me in his beautiful Blue BS car.....I didn't see the green flag and got a slow steady start.... immediately started reeling people in and slowly started picking up positions. I was able to pass Matt going into T3 by going around the outside of T2 ( a bit risky due to dirty track surface). He later re-passes me, though he has a BS car he has a lot more power than me and it was inevitable. Continued to chase people down, Took 2 laps to pass the Orange 2002 #10 of Craig Hickox but I was finally able to get by....got behind Andy in the #07 car and he almost looses it in T5 allowing me to get by. I chase down Scott Parsons "jeffe" in his yellow car and get by him on the inside of T4. Then finally catch us to the white Datsun 510 of Ruben Torres and were very close in speed and I took a look on the inside of T1 but decided to wait for a better opportunity. Managed to get alongside him on the outside of T2....he was sliding around quite a bit and it was a bit hair raising but I was able to carry speed into T3 and get by him also....I didn't know it at the time but that was a podium pass!! I was now in 3rd place in class and 8th overall....still I kept my nose down and kept driving hard hoping maybe to catch up to Matt again. As we approached T8/9 I noticed he was slowing down and if I kept my line and speed I might just be able to pass him before the flag...just maybe.... then I saw him slow down more going into 9 and I knew I would be able to get by and pick up one more spot!! He has been away from racing for over a year and he probably still shaking down his car and maybe had an issue and he backed off but hey.....I'll take it!! This was the last race of the season and honestly the best race of my life! Big thanks goes out to Kevin Macdonald from Mac's Performance for fixing a ton of stuff on the car the week before and most importantly getting the car corner balanced and on aligned and generally setup for me to just focus on driving. He was vital to this result and I owe him a big thanks...
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