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  1. Matt_P


  2. Hi Matt


    I will take the headliner material, all of what you have. I have my son's 2002, my 2002 and a friend who needs some material so this would work out for all of us


    Shipping to


    Rick Stephenson

    250 H St.

    Blaine, WA



    What is your paypal address

    Thanks, Rick

  3. Have some 2002 specific upholstery items: Enough headliner material to cover a few sunroofs. Half of a rear blue vinyl basketweave rear seat (good for patching a front seat bottom). trunk floor vinyl kit, not a perfect match to the original grain, but very close in color. I also have some 13" roundie hubcaps and some other 2002 parts (Anco shift knob, trapezoid mirror parts) Just need them out of my garage, yours for cost of shipping.
  4. Not a 2002, but some video from me driving the Golf: If you ever need a driver for a non-SE race let me know!
  5. I've heard good things about State Farm regarding doing agreed value on daily drivers that don't meet collector car company criteria.
  6. Gotti? I remember Walloth und Nesch selling those about 10 years ago.
  7. Link to a thread about Sid, the driver who passed away: http://forums.24hoursoflemons.com/viewtopic.php?id=23820 He was in a Honda FWIW, not a Volvo (though something similar happened about 5 years ago at an early Lemons race in CA with the driver of a Volvo. Didn't realize I had been at a few TT and hillclimbs events he ran at when I was starting with that stuff... Truly a shame.
  8. Nice to meet WilliamGGruff and some of the other folks this past weekend at CMP, two nice 2002's. I was one of the drivers of the red VW GTI. Also saw a nice green/primer roundie parked there, who was that?
  9. Recommendation on wrapping the harness, use the right 3M stuff, it works a lot better tham hockey tape for the intended purpose. I think I bought mine at Lowe's.
  10. Yup. It is a pain to remove the heater, and a minor amount of extra work to redo the foam, get core cleaned/checked. I understand scope creep, I restored a car because it just needed an engine rebuild. I know I wouldn't do it again, because "good enough" really is good enough! It's like replacing the water pump on a Honda when you do a timing belt. Everything is already apart, and yeah, the water pump probably won't fail before you do the timing belt again, but it is literally only the cost of the part to replace it. No additional labor.
  11. Figuring out how to insure a 10k 2002 that is daily driven, that is the hard part...
  12. I should send you a pm, might want to know more about yours... On the second one: Ack, Connecticut! Rusty until proven innocent! A not great, but honest older paint job is much more preferable to me than the 'restored' respray that's already bubbling through with rust despite being rarely driven...
  13. Oh, I know it can be done as a project starting with non-running or rough cars. Just saying the decent condition running, driving cars currently seem to be very thin on the ground... I just remember people struggling to sell great cars for $5k not that long ago.
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