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  1. IWantOne left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Pertronix ignition conversion kit, Bosch dizzy, spark wires
    Great communicator, no hassles with the sale whatsoever. Thanks for making things so easy!

    esty was The Buyer

  2. LB72 left Positive feedback   

    The replacement carpet that I ordered looks fantastic and fit perfect! Thank you.

    esty was The Seller

  3. gallian93 left Positive feedback   

    This goes without saying, Esty is the best at what she does. But this feedback is for the support she provides after a sale is complete, it speaks volumes for her excellent product and her commitment to her costumers. So thanks for all you do to help keep the 02 community going!!!

    esty was The Seller

  4. dj2002 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    guns dont kill people
    Fast shipping, easy to deal with. Black loop carpet looks great. Thank you!

    esty was The Seller

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