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  1. Hey. does anyone have a drawing or pattern for making the ears that mount the 2002ti airbox to the inner fender? I Have a ti setup that I'm putting on my non ti 02.
  2. Well. The FAQ has changed a bit in the last 8 years. Never mind since 2006.
  3. Good. This happened to me in 2004. Don't let it happen to you. I keep one on the wall in the garage about the same size as yours, as well as one right next to me if i'm welding or soldering etc.
  4. Could be an Alpina setup. Usually they were seen with air horns on em or an Alpina branded airbox. The TBS should be Alpina branded. Here's an example.
  5. I am using megasquirt so, I can't really help with that wiring. I suggest you get the E30 eletrical manual, it will tell you which wires go where.
  6. Looking for the tube shown in the diagram. NLA from what I can tell, need it and the clamps. My '76 had one, misplaced it all during the big move. Location: Ontario Canada
  7. I'm looking for french yellow headlamps, not the bulbs with the covers, but actual yellow glass. I know they must have been available but having trouble tracking a set down. Location: St. Marys, Ontario, Canada
  8. I really dig the top right one with the globe.
  9. Looks really good. As far as the hazard switch goes, you could use an early one and mount it in the little change cup on the left side of the dash, by the door. I am thinking of mounting my nexus 7 in the dash for use as a digital gauge system...
  10. Was working on my 49 dodge, and painted a part with a base of tremclad rust paint, and topped it with truck bedliner. Came out with a goregeous crinkle finish. It matches my 2002's crinkcle powdercoated valve cover and nearly as tough.
  11. Where might I find rear hoses long enough for the vw caliper/rotor conversion? stock mk3 hoses are too short
  12. Wow!!! That's terrible. Yeah people don't and mixing being distracted into it makes things worse. I have had a similar situation in my car, except in my car I can let the guy hit me and not worry about ending up under his wheels.
  13. Even though this law has been in effect for 3 years, I still see a ton of people talking and texting every day. It's got to be the easiest ticket to write for LE. I see at least 10 people on my 15 minute commute to work every morning, and I'm not even looking for them. Honestly, I think they should make it a $1,000.00 fine. Not only is it dangerous but I always end up behind some a**hole texting when the light goes green. They don't move until you honk, only to have them they flip you the bird. WTF? I'm moving to Ontario in summer, with my 2002. When this law came out in Alberta, I said the same thing $1000! Here it is like $174 and no points. A joke. Easy to enforce, but not cheap, this one requires police on the roads. not just a camera. And I don't understand that, they are breaking the law, and you're the one getting the finger. I find we're more distracted here than in ontario, as least from the trips i've taken the last few years.
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