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  1. From the archives.... for the archives. I took a different approach using a section of box tubing (primer red) on the "outside" of the channel. No bending required- just some decent cuts with a cutting disk.
  2. The thing is that regardless of rubbing or not if you do not run camber plates you will wear the outside fronts in no time on the track. Basically to run r compound tires you will have to have them. Another consideration is the actual size of the tire. I have 195/50 r15r compound tires (and I would recommend a 195 if you can find that size) and they are wider than a non r 195. Pete
  3. The guy I took my car too said he could make any color I had a code for. Then when the car was stripped he told me that he could not make derby. I was sooo pissed. So I found the closest thing I could which was a ford under hood grey. It came out great but I don't have the paint code so I can't touch it up. Though this oic was more recent it was painted in about 2000. Anyway I love it-
  4. In fact there was time when bolt number 15 decided came loose and i did have to pull the tranny and re-alighn part number 15. Bingo! So how much dissasembly will I need to do to get this back in place? P
  5. Found this little booger on my drain plug. 245/5 with no issues at all- worked perfect when I took it out. Real OEM experts gimme a diagram....... Pete
  6. Seems promising. Is there any provision for covering the top posts that aren't in use? Are the threads SAE or metric? Pete
  7. I too am "forbidden." I feel dirty and unimportant. What would they do if they were hacked by americans? P
  8. No problems.... go with a metric mechanic mount or make one like it. With this method you could even put in 2 mounts like the larger tranny's http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,57/page,viewtopic/t,299498/highlight,metric+mechanic+mount/[/i]
  9. Thanks for the thoughts guys... The understeer is very slight almost imperceptible. But I'd like to have just a bit of oversteer. So I think the easiest way will be to see if there is room to stiffen the rear sway a bit. I certainly am not interested in reducing traction up front. Time to get the tire thermometer out again.... I was running close to 0 toe but the roads around here are rutted and the car was very darty especially when braking hard. It was a bit nerve racking. In fact even with slight to in it still squirms about a bit. In terms of driving style how might I reduce understeer. Ultimately Nick is right... Got to get that s14 in. But these days it seems like a distant dream...... The list of things to do first is not getting shorter quickly..... But the close ratio tranny is off the list and that is a biggie... Next up- cage/ headliner. Pete
  10. I run semi slicks on my car and it only see spirited driving- no highway and no daily use. I did not rotate the tires this go around and I found that the fronts are almost bald while the rears have more than half the tread left. Just wondering if this is considered normal (given that i was not smart enough to rotate them) or if there is something else I should look at... Shortened struts with rabbit inserts re-valved by bilstein for my springs on ireland camber plates dialed all the way in, 2mm toe in. Rear is stock camber etc with ireland stage 2 springs. The car steers pretty neutral under throttle- just a hint of understeer. Brakes are stock tii set up in the rear and vented brakes up front. The tires are 195/50 r15 dunlop 03g's. The wear is pretty even across the face of the tire with slightly more wear on the outside corners in the front. The rears are dead even- thanks BMW engineers! Bitchin tires BTW. Pete
  11. I wish I had a tii alternator to try and swap the fronts with.. But I don't. And getting one here to me in Japan would cost too much just to find out it wouldn't work. I guess I'll just stick this one in with a spacer. Pete
  12. I seem to maybe remember shaving the paint off the bottom sides of the shocks to get them in just right. Pete
  13. I'd call this medium shift. The auto solutions was much shorter. This setup has the pivot raises and the lower part of the lever extended. I want to say that the lower part is about 55mm and the upper is about 200 which puts this shifter to about the same as a z3 2.8/3.0 unit- around 4:1. The lower linkage is in line with the selector shaft. Unfortunately I did not take any shots..... Pete
  14. I have this on hand and know for a fact that it is a good unit. The unit in my tii now is a solid mount with a poorly made solid mounted adusting arm and requires a spacer to fit as well. I have had some trouble with the alt bracket loosening and while I think I have it under control I'd just feel better about having a rubber mounted unit in there. So my favorite option is to switch out the front cover with a stock tii unit cover- yea or nay? Barring that I'll make up a spacer and fit this one but I'm wondering if I need to switch out the pulley or not. It is larger than the belt but I see no reason that it would not work anyway. What is that black thing hanging off the back by a wire in the 2nd pic? Radio suppression or something? Since my current setup has nothing like that I'm thinking (hopefully) that I can ditch it. And in the 3rd pic what is supposed to attach here under the bolt with the #4 on the head? Thanks, Pete
  15. Oh i do! Its the fastest bus in town! 2763132 BTW...
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