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  1. My son, now 50 years of age, near Aschaffenburg Germany with my new 1971. Then home to Arkansas in 1973.
  2. Without the amount of detail listed already, the main point I would make is to center the hole and cut horizontally to the right. That’s where you will contact metal. Then cut your hole to fit the clock snugly. No fastening from behind will be necessary.
  3. Hi Jim. Still lurking. No 02 at the time but always looking for the right project.
  4. https://www.autoloc.com/catalog/Power-Window-Kits/OEM-Window-Crank-Switches/AUTEWSU/Universal-Power-Window-Handle-Crank-Switch---Fits-All-Vehicles
  5. Thanks. Yes, all is well. Following FAQ in hopes of finding another BMW to resurrect.
  6. Somehow all the entries were lost. However, please visit these two links. https://indiandales.blogspot.com/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/indiandale/albums/72157603029691084 Thanks for looking. MikeWooldridge FAQ member 60
  7. This picture was taken in Aschaffenburg Germany in 1971 when the BMW was brand new and my son was 3 years old. I put 36,000 miles on the car before returning stateside in October, 1972. The other picture is of me after returning from New Orleans to pick her up. I sold the car to a couple from Louisiana in 1987.
  8. Just to clarify one point about the tii booster; the air cleaner will fit with the 02 booster. Don’t forget the brackets for the air cleaner and the cold start wiring. I used the metal fuel return for my high pressure intake line.
  9. In an emergency I used a rubber cap with a hose clamp.
  10. Rather than attaching the clock from the rear, wedge it in by wrapping with electrical tape and snuggle it in. Easy breezy.
  11. Since the original strips were rounded, I scraped and sanded them almost flush with the vinyl, cleaned with alcohol, and the results were very good.
  12. Here is the information from the package. This stuff is aftermarket, but looks and works like a charm: Order from Central Glass, (Mike Hadley) 801-355-7576
  13. All those pressed in fittings are prone to come loose. Mine did that at Nashville TN at 02 squared. I tapped the hole for a screw in fitting. My fire caused $2500 in damage. Was on interstate and fuel sprayed over the hot manifold. Pictures are in the archives I'm sure. Luckily I had an extinguisher.
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