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  1. Mine is toast. A used one in working condition is fine. New would be ideal. Part #62-16-1 353-239 Thanks...
  2. Hi,

    Are you still making the bumper mounting clamps for fog/driving lamps?


    1. DTMLGND


      Good question. Are you?

    2. Tilux


      No, sorry.

  3. Tilux


  4. Maybe someone knows what the occasion is for this gathering. (Photo credit to Classic and Vintage BMW on Facebook.)
  5. http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2015/12/03/2016-pebble-beach-concours-delegance-celebrates-100-years-of-bmw/?refer=news Despite the success of the Isetta, these were lean years for BMW. The 1961 introduction of the 1500, a compact car that featured room for four, front disc brakes and a fully independent suspension, would help to change that, establishing the brand as a manufacturer of cars for those with a passion for driving. The 1500 would also debut another oft-emulated design element: The Hofmeister kink, a distinctive sharp bend low on the C-pillar, forever associated with BMW design director Wilhelm Hofmeister. BMW 1500.
  6. Please remember, if you pay now, you get the molding at that price. If you just put your name in, you will pay whatever the new price is when it is available. With BMW that could double the price. It's just something for you to consider.
  7. SOLD For the 1500, 1600, 1800, and 2000ti models. Please see the pictures. Used, but complete. Best offer. Thanks, Bob
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