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  1. Tavioli


  2. Tavioli

    What Lies Beneath

    Sand? Was the car in a flood or something?
  3. eek 300... Guess ill just have to want one for now. Hope you can get the price down with more buyers.
  4. Tavioli

    My 76 2002

    Shots of my car in various stages of the resto mod.
  5. I have been thinking about 3D pringint parts for are cars for a long time, Stuff like Euro blinkers.
  6. No air cleaners yet, I was going to get the IE ones after my carbs where rebuilt. as for fule, I wanted to use mechanical. For distributer I was looking for a tii one. Money is tight right now :/ You dont think the stock distributer would work?
  7. Well I just got a set of BMW Ti manifolds as well. TIme to start looking for linkage, and water bypass kit. what elce do you guys think I will need to install them on a 76 with a e12 head. Im also looking into a 292 cam. ... smog people be damned!
  8. here's how I'm getting them. For 127.00 I think its kinda a deal.
  9. Hey guys, Just wanted to know how much it would cost for a full rebuild of some 40 DCOE's? I got a set of ebay that need a good amount of work. I guess the throttle shaft one both of them are cracked and need replacing. I can do the work myself, i just dont have the time. I got a quote of 180.00 each for a rebuild. Does that seem right?
  10. I was wondering the same thing for a 76. This is whats on my car. Are they right? Untitled by shawn.tavassoli, on Flickr Untitled by shawn.tavassoli, on Flickr
  11. Found it! +2742450+ So its the OG block but a e12 head. Untitled by shawn.tavassoli, on Flickr
  12. I think I got the Block ID number 13076? Untitled by shawn.tavassoli, on Flickr Untitled by shawn.tavassoli, on Flickr
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