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  1. Yours looks to be stretch. Im not in front of mine but should be compacted on both sides. Yours is compact on left but loose on the right. I suppose if it works, let it be.
  2. this is very interesting - however, i think (from what im looking for), this is overkill. but my hats off to you - this is quite awesome!
  3. hahaha. i see where you are going with this. sooo tempting. i totally dont want to buy $2k setup from BC or Ground Control.
  4. Thanks all. Too bad. Really don’t want to grind/cut it. Happy Holidays!!!
  5. Folks. I feel like the answer is no but wanted to confirm - are the front spindles detachable from the strut housing? Like the more modern 80s 3/5 series? See pic of where I’m thinking they may be detachable (red arrow). Thank you.
  6. Yep. Thats where the m6 fasteners come in. Im happy to print them too for the square-lights - no problem. they are also $0.20 each at a hardware store.
  7. If you see all my FB posts, not only do I EXPLICITLY MENTION KOOG, I ENCOURAGE folks to BUY from THEM BEFORE they consider me. Thanks for your interest. Happy Holidays!
  8. My latest update of my 3d printed (ABS) gauge pod (above steering column). If you are interested in buying one from me, please let me know (~$75 + shipping +150 hours lead time). If you have any other questions, please let me know. Thank you for folks who provided me feedback. Works with VDO gauges but also with other 52mm gauges. For VDO (what I've tested with), i will also include a custom-designed threaded collar and spacer as the original VDO collar is too long to fit into the pod. FYI >>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/bmw02/permalink/10156714795844076/ I can do international shipping but that would be a little bit more - and if its crazy, I'm happy to split shipping cost 50/50. Right now, about 2 week long wait due to demand.
  9. all emails answered. sorry i was on the road guys and just got back. will be going to queens tomm to pick up and snap more photos. sorry again and thank you for your patience.
  10. LOCAL PICKUP IS A PLUS BUT IM HAPPY TO SHIP SMALLER ITEMS. Hello friends. Its been a while since i posted here - maybe some of you still remember me. I did an engine swap (thanks Jake - classics daily) (thanks Joel - for the idea). Here are the parts the came off my 73tii. Im also selling the newly rebuilt (about 2m miles) tii engine/metric mechanic 4 speed (thank Jerry) but this listing is only for the random parts. I know these will go to a good home - and im among friends - so please dont low-ball prices. Its generally OBO unless folks want combined items and id rather then go to a single home instead of breaking it up. Sorry, no extra pics for a week - ive been on the road for a while - for pickup, send me a pm and we can figure something out on the weekend. I have a garage full of regular 2002 stuff (nothing too fancy) so im happy to show around if you swing by to pick stuff up. stahl header - welded on the afr bung and cut the end a bit to fit exhaust bosal exhaust - small crack you can re-weld but sounds nice - it was made for the 2002 supersprint muffler - painted with por15 - sounds good - works good gauges (mph) - i think its rpm but i have another full cluster too tii stock header - heavy as hell - painted orange to fit the car paint dizzy - rebuilt by advance distributors - have the specs to tune it to in the other pics - has petronics stock swaybars - not sure if they are tii or not - probably not extra tii intake tii dash - cracked, you know it back seats and crap - horse hare galore stock rear end/arms non-LSD diff - specs/stamps in the pics tii air filter box/bracket with K&N air filters - freshly oiled but dont take my word for it, they've been in the garage all winter radiator - see condition in pics unbranded short shifter + throw-out bearing - NOT FOR SALE - thats being sold with tranny/engine please ask if you need anything specific - i may have multiples of each of these plus other crap int he garage.
  11. cxzsaq


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