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  1. Hey! First time, long time. Recently purchased my first BMW (1982 320i) after being a Merc guy for years. It's in pretty rough shape, with many parts missing. Enjoying the restoration process thus far. After this one I'm planning on graduating to a 2002. In order of priority, I'm looking for: - Seatbelt receivers (comfort seats, not Recaros. Not sure if they are different parts) - Hood release cable - Rearview mirror - OG head unit (Bavaria S, Porto 22, or an Alpine) - Speaker grilles (front and/or back) - Wheels (currently running stock steelies, would love to swap out for Mahlers or Alpinas) - 320is sport steering wheel I'm in Los Angeles. Willing to pick up from the surrounding area, or ship. Thank you in advance!
  2. By chance, would you happen to have the seatbelt receivers for the E21 seats?
  3. If it's still available, I'll PM you as soon as I'm allowed to. Please and thank you!
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