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  1. Dudeland, Here is the diagram. Thanks, Steve
  2. Vancouver 02 gang, I thought I'd try local first before I reach out to the States. I'm attempting to put on two Solex PHH 40's I have onto my car and I'm trying to scrounge parts. I've found remanufactured throttle linkages from pedal all the way to the carbs in the States so those bits are covered. What I'm looking for is mainly the Choke bits. On the Exploded View Diagram 13/20 I'm looking for parts #8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, & 24. Do any of you local guys have what I require sitting in a spare parts bin? Thank you, Steve
  3. Jim, The number are 1250529.1 and 1250530.1. See attached photos of the metal tags on the Solex PHH's. I think they are 2002ti not NK. Am I correct? Regards, Steve
  4. Lost_Canadian


  5. Jim, Thank you for the heads up. I'll head to the garage and grab the numbers off the tags and post so you can tell me what I have. Regards, Steve PS I also have another set that are Japanese manufacture. I think they must have come off a 510, whereas the set I'm planning on putting on are new and never been put onto a vehicle. Thinking these are the way to go for two reasons. Firstly they are German manufacture and secondly all the bushings and such are solid since they have never been used. No potential for air leakage.
  6. Andy, So you are just over the border. I'm up in Vancouver. Thank you for the lead on Lars. I'll drop him a note and see what he has. Yes I'm missing both the throttle and choke linkages. So you are saying that there were two different brake boosters put on the cars? My stock 2002 would have a "bigger" booster so the ti air cleaner box wouldn't fit? Do you know where I could find an "exploded view" diagram of the intake and carburation of a ti so I can use that as a guide to pull together all the pieces? Thanks again, Steve
  7. 2002FAQ gang, I'm in search of some help. I have a stock '71 2002 that is an absolute gem (Euro spec car with just over 29,000 original miles) that I'm getting back on the road after sitting in the garage for 9 years. She is currently getting the treatment and should be on the road hugging corners in a week or so. That is the first stage of the process. Second stage of the process is putting dual Solexes on her for the extra pep. Where I need your collective help is sourcing some parts. As you can see from the picture I have the carbs and the manifold pieces but that is it. I'm missing the rest of it like linkages, throats, air cleaner box, etc. I'm looking for all the bits and pieces to get these carbs on the car and running. Where can I go to find these parts or is there anyone on here that has what I'm looking for? Thanks for your help, Steve
  8. Son of Marty and Hans thank you for your input. To start I'm in Vancouver, BC. The spare manifold is for the 2002 not the 1600 or 1800 so I don't need to modify it. I think I'll have to look again of what I have in parts but I think all that both of you had mentioned I'll need to scrounge. I'll read up more on the single to dual conversation here in the forum. I will get it running and put some miles on before I do the swap. I want to ensure everything else is in shape and work out any bugs first. Always easier to figure out any issues of modifications only after you know you have a perfectly running motor.
  9. Good afternoon 2002 crowd. Complete newbie to the 2002FAQ world and I've loved what I've read on the forum thus far; I can't put the laptop down! I have a question for the experts out there. I'm putting an original '71 Euro Spec 2002 base model back on the road after 9 years in storage. She deserves to see the sunshine being it is her 50th birthday year. First project of course is to properly get her back running again after sitting in the heated garage for so long. Once that is accomplished I'm thinking of changing out the carburation. I have a TI set up (dual Solex) with intake manifold in my spares and I'm wondering if it is just as simple as taking off the single Solex and intake manifold and swapping it for the dual set up or do I need to source and install a different head? The motor as it sits in the car is all original (car in family since new and no work on motor has been done) so I'm assuming the 121 heads with original pistons. I don't want to monkey around too much with the car because it is a 30,000 original mile car that looks as if it just rolled off the show room floor if not for a couple of dings here and there. I'm hoping it is a simple intake and carb swap with linkages only so I get a little more pep out of her. If it is complicated I'm just going to enjoy her as she is this summer. Thank you, Lost_Canadian
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