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  1. Thanks everyone, that gives me some direction.
  2. I couldn’t find this answer by searching though it’s possibly it’s been beaten to death. I have go to vendors for my Jeeps and BMW motorcycle for general maintenance parts like bearings, bushings, seals, steering parts, electrical, hoses etc. I’m just at the beginning of assessing what I need for this summer’s project on my 1600 and I could use some direction narrowing down of the venders I’m coming across online. Are there a few that are fan favorites? I’m starting a list of wants and needs for the car and want to do some virtual shopping.
  3. On August 1, 1969 My mom bought this 1600 from Hafkemeyer BMW Motors in Kansas City, Missouri. It was her first car and it was my uncle who convinced her to buy the BMW over a Volvo at the time. She paid $2,700. It was sold as a demonstrator and appears to have been slightly discounted. The black and white picture is of it in Nebraska shortly after purchase. She named it Rocinante after Don Quixote’s horse and it brought her on her move from Nebraska to Connecticut and served as her daily driver for years. When I was born in 1977 it was the car that transported me around. This is the c
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