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  1. The exact date is not known. But in the middle of 1968 the smooth one began to be used
  2. Thanks. I think I understood everything about the my bumper problem 😄
  3. Thanks for the informations. I think my rear center bumper is up 1971 model year. My cars model year is1966. BMW Group Classic was confirmed 😀 But you are right, badge is not original. Orginal is here and waiting final restoration.
  4. I own a BMW 1600-2 from 1966. The rear bumper is a short version but with holes on it. Are the my bumpers original ? Or is it swap with a post-1971 model? Regards
  5. This is good news. If the part is produced, please inform us here please 🙏
  6. Hello FAQers, I am actively looking for the early model BMW 1600 embossed hood chrome trim piece for my 1966 BMW 160-2 project. I am aware they are tough to find, and probably harder to ship safely. But I’m serious about finding this piece so I’m prepared for the potential effort and price that may come with the search. If anyone has a lead on this piece, or a spare in the parts stash, drop me a message please I will consider a slightly damaged piece also. See the photos below for reference. Thank you kindly
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