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  1. Title says it all. Car is non-AC, but I will take whatever is available.
  2. I have a slightly crazy idea of converting a Kugelfischer pump into the fuel rail of a tii EFI project. Trying to keep a period look and hide the hi-tech stuff. I'm looking for a cheap pump with internals damaged beyond repair. I really only need a solid case and fuel head. Let me know if you have something!
  3. Looking for a good used water pump (or rebuildable) for my newly acquired '74 tii. Thanks!
  4. Looking for the parts to get my newly acquired 74 tii back on the road. Ireland engineering has the part available new, but if someone has a used one in good shape, I would be interested.
  5. ManhattanM, Looks like you haven't been online in a bit. If this is still available, I would be interested in the complete package.
  6. Hi Harry, New member here. Just purchased a 1974 tii. Do you still have quarter glass available? Do you know the tint code?
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