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  1. Perfect. So hopefully I didn't do any damage inserting my new headrest into the seat. Many thanks for the detailed information, very helpful.
  2. Are the earlier tube style all 10mm ? that was my assumption, otherwise I may have just done what you advise not to do !
  3. But what about the 71 tii's ? I wonder are they also welded in ? I've found a part number on the forum, and frustratingly missed out on a NOS one just a matter of weeks ago it seems. Thanks for the help. 41-11-1-813-503
  4. I don't suppose you have another one of these ? Thanks, Damien
  5. Ah yes I see what you mean, there is a photo on this thread which is what I assumed I need, but the discussion is about a later 73tii. It seems that the tii trays are welded on too...
  6. Hi All, would someone know which battery tray is the right one for my 71 tii ? I've only ever seen the circular hole version on a car, but I've been offered the other version from a couple of sources, so maybe they are correct for certain years or models ? Any guidance much appreciated. Damien
  7. Agree with you Steve regarding keeping things stock, wheels to me are the exception if they are easily swappable. But not if major modification is required to make them work, I will just leave the originals in place I think. On the E9 16 inch Alpinas work pretty well with nothing needing to be done, I stupidly assumed 15 inch would be an easy swap for the 02, until I realised most pictures I saw were of cars with flared arches.
  8. Thanks Michael, I’ll be aware. Wish you hadn’t reminded me about that bike forum, the last time I looked on there a couple of years back I ended up building an 80’s road bike which I really didn’t have the spare time or need to !
  9. Thanks Popovm (sorry, don’t know your real name), that is all great stuff, the Rogersti wheels could be a great option actually, and kind of confirm my suspicion that 15/6 rather than 15/7 would work better. Steve, yes I get your point, what a nightmare. Thankfully I’ve not been scammed myself, and have had amazing support and great dealings with forum members on the e9 side, in fact just today I’ve received in the post a hard to find part from a forum member where he refused to take payment from me until I received, assessed, and made a fair offer. But of course, as you say, as a brand new user nobody can determine whether you are genuine without seeing historic posts. There is a lot of trust involved, but at the same time I try to take people at face value, like in real life, until they are asking me for money. Then I generally do a bit more research. Hopefully nobody thought that was my car in the original post ! It’s just the best picture of well fitting wheels in the style I liked from some dealer website. I probably would have known what wheels were on it if it was my car, but it’s the same model and colour, mine’s “ever so slightly” more rusty though.
  10. What an excellent detailed response Steve, very much appreciate your input. This all correlates with everything I’ve read on the subject so far. The car in the photo for sure has probably had all manner of modifications done as you say. My own, I do think, being a barn find type project and off the road for some 27 years, probably is quite original, I expect the options would have been quite limited the 5 or 10 years prior to that when it was last loved. I’ll take my business to the appropriate forum when I come to revisit this subject in a few months time, meanwhile lots of other things I need to get up to speed on. Kind regards, Damien
  11. Thanks, I might give that a try some time. I didn't realise there was a more general section. On the homepage the "...and other '02" part of the forum title doesn't show unless you actually go looking in there. Regards, Damien
  12. What a nice warm welcome to the forum that is. Racking my brain to understand what devious intent seems to be apparent in my original post. I've only had my 2002tii project for about 3 weeks so have a lot to learn. It seemed to me that the easy option for wheels would be proper Alpinas from an E21, but I understand these just don't work. I mean to say, that's the style of wheel I like. I've read up a lot more now then when I posted that, and I still don't know to be honest, even people who have fitted the Oz 15" wheels can't seem to agree definitively if they rub on the arches or not, even with rolled fenders. It seems wheel options are pretty limited on these cars. But really this isn't something that I'm seriously investigating now, more important things to think about. Steel wheels look fine to me, it won't be a custom type job anyway. I see you've an e9, so you'll probably be a member on the e9coupe site. I've got the same username on there and have been a member for 15 years or more, so hopefully that puts your mind to rest about whether or not I plan to sell that highly confidential and prized information on aftermarket wheel options to the Russians. Regards, Damien
  13. ...just to answer my own question, from what I've found elsewhere on the forum, these seem to be OZ Alpina style 15/6, unless I'm mistaken ? and I guess there would be slight issues with rubbing.
  14. Hi All, first time posting so apologies if I put this in the wrong place. Does anybody know which wheels and tires these are in the photo ? I haven't seen anything similar elsewhere. I guess they are not genuine Alpinas as I understand 15" won't fit ? Many thanks, Damien
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