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  1. Good condition shock towers $50 ea plus shipping
  2. Pretty clean dash $600 includes shipping anywhere in the US
  3. I have three 2002 and one needs to go. https://www.ebay.com/itm/402776976625 Thanks for looking.
  4. Vancouver washington? I just sold a bunch of my used radiators to a guy in Portland Message me ill give you his number
  5. I have one thats been reflocked cracks filled no missing foam pm me with your offer
  6. Not a geo tracker? I found one suzuki tracker close to me only $1500 obo
  7. Got any more photos or a link? It looks like he took off the pans Nd welded to chassis and then reattatched frame fo body? And hes so strong lifting it up 😂
  8. How could this be possible? Ralley car or no?
  9. I have two complete doors not rusted.I'm shipping from Oregon
  10. Yesterday got the engine in today transmission and starting the wiring
  11. What cracks were thin and not large. Has since been filled with flock which is a suede fiber
  12. i picked up my racecar project the other day
  13. Engine installed with new clutch. Fully restored front suspension too.
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