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  1. hmm that's interesting. I'm glad it solved your problem. I guess another question I have is: does a valve gasket replacement require some kind of sealant? or maybe if's it's rubber, then sealant isn't necessary? I know this is different, but when replacing the oil pan gasket, we did use sealant, but yeah, cork.
  2. I like the cap nuts -- definitely seem to have a much cleaner look. Thanks. When I originally posted here, I was wondering about quality/brand name of VC gaskets. 2002iii recommended victor reinz. would you agree?
  3. Mine are not the acorn type at all and it sounds like I should replace them. This is what I've got:
  4. Also, I've seen the m10 with valve cover acorn nuts, but mine came with the non-capped type. Do I need to replace them with the acorn?
  5. Hi - I'm replacing the valve cover gaskets on my 1975 '02 and I've found a few on pelicanparts ranging from $7.25 - $20. The most expensive was the $20 BMW gasket. The Victor Reinz and MTC gaskets were around $10. Any reason to pick one over the other? Is the genuine BMW gasket preferred? Thanks, J
  6. Ok better results for the retest. Cyl 1 120 Cyl 2 35 Cyl 3 93 Cyl 4 135 #2 has some compression now so that seems promising. Will still do leak down test and inspect with borescope
  7. Edit: I think I ran the test incorrectly. didn't remove all spark plugs and didn't test with throttle wide open. Will retest and post numbers. Still think #2 is dead.
  8. Ok, I did a compression test yesterday and Im pretty bummed out. Tested before/after I seafoam treatment. The second numbers are probably most accurate since the engine was warmed up by then, but just wanted to see the difference. Here are the horrible numbers: Cyl 1 - 70/70 Cyl 2 - 0/0 Cyl 3 - 78/70 Cyl 4 - 100/90 I'm told that #2 could need a piston ring replacement, but the others are very low, as well. I was also told to perform a leak down test and get a borescope to inspect cylinders. Anyone have any advice? Since this is a project car, and there is no urgency to repair (if it's even worth it?), I'd like to see if I can do the work myself. But, at what point is an engine replacement in order? Thanks -Jackie
  9. haha yeah, I didn't necessarily want them -- they just came with the car. It sounds like going to a single carb would be best, but as @2002iii pointed out, I need to research my options. I don't even know what converting from dual to single would entail.
  10. Question: In the LIGHT READING article, #93 says, "You don't want dual carburetors on your street car, trust me." Can anyone elaborate on why this would be undesirable in specifically a street car?
  11. It turns out that the solenoid is in bad shape. It's cracked and is actually missing a piece. so, I guess I'm adding that to the to-do list. So much work ahead of me!
  12. Thanks again for your comments. I'm making a list of things that need attention, including the suggestions from you. I thought I saw a checklist on this site for new 2002 owners and the initial tasks to get it tuned up a bit. Does anyone know of such a list? Of course, coming up with a name for her will be on that list, too! lol
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