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  1. OK great - it was the "Store" on this site I was refering to so I'll follow your directions. Cheers! Chris
  2. Sounds good - I am in Vancouver. Cheers - Chris
  3. Looking for the lines that run from the calipers to the flex lines on the strut. Cheers!
  4. I'm trying to find new/used parts and when you go to the store the layout it is all over the place and choked full of ads. Eventually you can find exactly two categories: Engine and Suspension. In those theres virtually nothing and there is no way to search. A generic search returns 1700 various forums, pots, blogs etc for "hard brake line". I know people that would love to make this store a better resource for everyone to buy and sell. Help!
  5. How important is it to disconnect the inner tie Rod (all three books day to do that step)? It is so stuck I’ve gone and messed the threads up so would prefer to leave it, fix the thread bolt it back and just undo the pitman arm (the only thing left to undo). Problem #2: it is also stuck and my pitman puller just keeps sliding off, the pickle fork is tricky to get in there effectively so: take off wheel, caliper, rotor for better access (I’m replacing them anyway) then heat it and beat it with pickle fork?
  6. Well if it's a matter of getting it straight then doing the steering wheel, that's dead easy!! Thanks all:-)
  7. Full of glee is me! My refurbished steering box has arrived BUT when removing the old one I’m supposed to scribe the position to ensure straight is straight. However, the old box goes back as a core so there is no mate to the scribed flange. Question: How do I know what position the new box is in? Do I assume it is dead straight? Is there a trick? Phone the rebuild shop?
  8. I have a 1976 2002 that has a tii booster with a slight leak in rear seal. It's in the car and works. I need a regular 2002 booster and can either trade straight or if yours is rebuilt compensate for that and/or straight-up buy it.
  9. This looks like the less complicated/fabricated way to go. I would therefore be intersted in the set you have. I'm in Canada. PM me for details. Thank you. Cheers!
  10. I'm wanting to replace my 1976 2002 rear belts with 3 point belts like in the first two photos. Question: Would 320i belts (my dad has a set) work and/or any other suggestions? (The last photo is a 1977 320i)
  11. Slixer


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