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  1. Stop shaming the diving board crowd! Big is beautiful!😝
  2. Don't cut it off!! The bracket is not hard to remove. It can definitely be unbolted without removing the exhaust manifold. I believe it has 6 bolts total holding the bracket on: 2 on the water pump (on mine one hole is big enough to go over the nut, and the other goes over the stud and is held in with a nut), 1 more bolt coming from the front (mine is an allen), 2 above the compressor going in to the block, and 1 final bolt is shared with the engine mount bracket. The whole assembly will then sit off to the side.
  3. 71-73 are mechanical advance only, 74 are mechanical advance and vacuum retard. Doesn't matter what it was originally, you can use the 123 either with or without vacuum advance. It can be turned on or off, or you could simply not plug in a vacuum source. I have both used and not used the vacuum advance on my 74, and she runs beautifully either way. Starts a lot faster too.
  4. So you are good to go? Did you find another flange? I measured mine very quickly this morning, and it is 1" pretty much exactly from the face of the flange to the face of the transmission (where the flange seal goes in). Looks like you don't need the measurement anymore, but still curious if you are back on the right track.
  5. Hopefully we can make that drive happen! I'll measure after work today, as I am no longer in the privileged few who work from home.
  6. I have a 245 sitting on a shelf, I can measure depth also if needed.
  7. Wanted to check this place out, as I am only about 20 minutes away, but didn't get any reply on PM. I see they haven't posted in over a year. Anybody know if they changed focus or moved on?
  8. Wow the price has gone up on the standard straight outlet radiator!! I paid 289 euro shipped to the US about a month ago, now it is listed as 369 euro(exc VAT) before the 49 euro shipping. Definitely not small potatoes. I would swear the AC specific model wasn't available when I ordered mine.
  9. Bought the W&N radiator based on these posts, and will say that it is a nice piece of equipment that immediately helped with my warm running AC car. Before, it would sit at 1:30 after 10 minutes with the ac running in traffic, and now it sits right above 3 o'clock. I did count, and it is 76 vs 54 tubes, with each tube being wider than the oem tii radiator.
  10. Sherman, Tried to contact you via email and PM, but haven't heard back. I would like to buy the one you sent me pics of. Let me know if it is no longer for sale. Thank you.
  11. I am using the original Behr AC bracket with an adapter for the sanden. Maybe that combination puts the compressor in a slightly different position? I have an extra rad outlet(courtesy of an awesome FAQ member), ready to have installed, but I tried the install first as purchased to see if it would work. Especially since my radiator shop is so busy, their wait times have gone up to about 2 weeks. Hopefully engine movement doesn't end up ruining my fun.
  12. Today I installed a high efficiency radiator from W&N. 76 vs 54 cores from new to old Tii. I was able to use the L radiator hose and still run the sanden compressor. Its close but not that close. I will keep an eye on it anyway. Already runs a lot cooler, especially with AC running.
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