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  1. So the car is now home at my garage and I am chuffed to bits I'm going to work rear forward and I've started fitting up the rear lights and brightwork today. Just need some new enamel badges and to cut the plugs for the rear lights and crimp on some spade connectors to get the pre-facelift lights to work! Then it's onto fuelling and the battery So glad I kept the trim connecting the rear lights
  2. Well I am pleased to report Scott was right... though only just I just couldn't resist offering up the wheels to the car after picking them up from being polished, and I was super nervous about the wheels not fitting on the rears... the front's are fine as there is so much wiggle room but the rears were tight already with the 15x7 et12 Alpina reps, so I couldn't believe the WORK wheels fitted so well! The specs are 15x8 ET-3 with 205/50 Toyo Proxes R888R tyres... I couldn't have had better fitment o
  3. I couldn't help myself so here's some more photos of the car together. The arches and chin spoiler are on, as are the boot and bonnet. The colour is everything I wanted - and the spray shop have absolutely smashed it out the park, the finish is awesome. I'm going to get some proper photos with an actual camera rather than a smart phone, when the wheels are on and some of the bits have been fitted up... Anyway, enough rambling, here's the pics:
  4. Haha I will next week, when she's been flatted, polished and is a bit more together! The paint is single stage, super traditional. I didn't want clear coat 😅 I know it's harder to upkeep but I've always wanted a single stage painted car!
  5. Sneak preview tonight of the bodyshell painted... it looks absolutely awesome! I'm going to wait until the car is a bit more built up before revealing the whole thing, but she looks amazing chuffed to bits.
  6. Couple more images tonight of the car... nothing major, just the insides of the bonnet, boot and doors as I mentioned above!
  7. The door shuts and sills have been painted tonight, along with the inside of the bonnet, boot and doors (no photos of that though). After a final flat down tomorrow with some fine sandpaper tomorrow morning the body should be painted! BIG updates coming!
  8. Evening everyone, Another post from me! Tonight the car had its final sand off and then primer, which I'm totally chuffed about! The colour is going on next week. After what feels like a million times the car has finally been properly flatted off for the last time - it will have a light going over between the primer and the final colour but it's there. The car is so straight, I'm absolutely chuffed with the finish already and can't wait to see her in black and back at my workshop!
  9. So today I finished off the centre caps for the car. I actually ended up going in a different direction than originally planned, but I think they've turned out okay! So I started the day off by spraying over the yellow black, ready to gently be rubbed down / stripped back to yellow on the lettering. However, I ran into a couple of issues. Rubbing back to yellow was going really well until I ran through to the primer on one letter and then had to try and touch in the paint... that didn't end well :oops: my clever idea didn't seem too clever after all!
  10. I had a look at the centre caps that came with the wheels and they were a bit shot, I wasn't happy with the finish at all. I've seen some limited edition centre caps online that some JDM cars are running in yellow rather than chrome, and I thought they looked awesome. I sent WORK Wheels UK /Driftworks an email last week on the off chance they had one or two left in stock (not likely as they were launched in 2017 and were really popular) and they came back and said they didn't. But the ones I had were so shot I thought why not... I'll paint them!
  11. Happy New Year to all. I hope you're all well. Thought I'd post a new years update as a bit more progress has been made. I got a drill press for Christmas which I'm chuffed about and this year the interior and boot of the car has now been painted in the final colour! I think it look epic. Over the Christmas break I got a bit carried away and ordered some WORK Equip 03 wheels - 15x8 Et-3 and some TOYO R888R's, 205/50r15. Absolutely chuffed with how it all looks and not I'm praying that the wheels and tyres fit under the arches I got the wheels t
  12. Small update this week, the car is now ALL in polyester primer. This stage is now the stage where the car is flatted about a million times to get it perfect before the final coat of primer and then the first coat of paint can go on... I definitely think I made the right choice with the round rear light conversion
  13. So another small update tonight... the car is coming along nicely . I decided to smooth the seems off the rear of the car and also the panel where the bumper would usually go... I think it looks great! :twisted: I spend some time agonising over the round rear lights I'd bought from eBay... after trying to clean the lenses up and take off the black paint from the chrome trim I bit the bullet and ordered some brand new lenses instead. We also did another mock up of the front chin spoiler and front arches - they're not fitting as well as we want them to, so the front wings have had
  14. Another small update... the pillars and scuttle are now in primer, ready for paint. They're now sorting the rest of the body, so hopefully the rest of the shell will be in primer early next week.
  15. The car has finally got some colour! The roof is now in primer. Hopefully I'll get some better shots later in the week when I get a chance to get down there! I know it's only primer but it's the first paint the car has had in over 10 years... can't wait to see the progress over the next couple of weeks as it really comes along!
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