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  1. Thanks guys, It was so long ago, and I'm not 100% sure I knew his full name when he bought it. Certainly don't remember now. Trying to remember if the WI DOT releases that kind of thing. I know when I bought my 911 with no records or history, I wrote the State that it lived in most of it's life and for $9 they sent me an inch thick packet of history. I was amazed. If it was still in WI for a while, possibility that some of the bigger shops would be familiar. I'll see if I can locate Jack. regards, Mark
  2. Thanks for the quick responses! I assume it's fine to enter a car in the registry that I don't currently own? Wish I had more pictures but I don't. Will ask more questions as they come up... Thanks again! mark
  3. Hi everyone, I am an active member of the Pelican Parts Porsche 911 forum, but am on a hunt to find my old 1974 BMW 2002. It was Sienabraun, 4 speed, and generally rust free except for behind the front wheel wells. Other identifiers were an aftermarket cruise control (which actually worked really well) and a larger carburetor. I think the carb was a 36/36? Can't remember. I sold it around 1992 in Appleton, WI. The VIN (Serial) number was 4221911. (Caution: Embarrassing Content) I was young and naïve when I sold it, and signed over the title without getting full payment for the car. Because the buyer said he would return in a day to pay me the remainder, I held on to all of the original paperwork, receipts, window sticker etc. Now 28 years later, I still have everything in a folder. Would really appreciate any thoughts on how to locate the car and connect with the current owner. I understand it's very possibly scrapped and now in the form of an appliance... Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated. As I'm sure you all know, VIN Search engines don't recognize the older BMW serial numbers. My one and only picture of the car was in the background of a pic I took of my '71 R60/5 motorcycle that I had just washed. I still have the motorcycle! Thanks! Mark
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