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  1. 1969 BMW 2002 "roundie" This car has some minor rust around the doors and fenders as well as some bubbles on the roof. No structural rust. This car would make an excellent restoration candidate or a nice driver for those that like patina. Within the past month the car has received: -4 new tires -New wheel cylinders and brake shoes -Complete engine reseal (oil pan, upper&lower timing covers, valve cover, front crank seal, water pump and distributor housing. -Carburetor was disassembled for cleaning and a set of spark plugs were installed. -Trans mount -Oil and coolant flush I have been daily driving the car, it starts up and runs extremely well. with that being said, the car could use the following items: -Suspension overhaul (bushings feel worn and shocks are bouncy) -The trans needs a re-seal (engine is bone dry but the trans will let out a drop or two after driving) Link to more pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-1YEsSAYG4Mlj9nPio1ymVfDOxp6yrIn
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