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  1. Thanks IE. Ordered one of your rebuilt ones and will send back my core. Thanks very much.
  2. Are either of these boosters in solid shape? Mine currently has a vacuum leak and I'm in need of a proper performing booster or rebuilt one. I have a '74 base 2002. Thanks.
  3. I did the Top End Performance one, but did it strictly for the battery relocation and engine space. The previous owner of my car had the battery tray welded in and it was done poorly at best and the tray itself was janky. So wanted to clean up the engine bay a bit. The TEP brace is very nice and a pretty simple install. You would only do a rear brace if it had a battery tray and you wanted to relocate, in my opinion. Not sure how beneficial just a brace would be.
  4. Looking for a replacement brake booster for my 1974 2002. Vacuum leak in my current booster. Looking for one in good performing condition (no leaks) or recently rebuilt possibly. Thanks. Paul
  5. Updated pricing to $120 shipped for the pair. Taking offers as well. Would like to see these get to another project. Thanks.
  6. @easton There should be metal tabs on the back of the ashtray box that you fold over on the inside of the panel.
  7. Thanks all. I’ll check in the morning, but the car has had a repaint and pretty sure the door sticker is no longer present.
  8. Thanks, hopefully I’ll hear back from the email.
  9. It does start with 422. Next question is date of manufacture. I’ve had it only a couple months and going through it and finding that it matters for some parts what month it was manufactured for MY 1974.
  10. More curious to confirm my year, original spec and options if any, as it has been updated and changed through the decades. I’m told it’s a 1974, but the records I have from the previous owners show it all over the board.
  11. I did read the whole thing, so it ended up being a good story. I’ll see if BMW can help. I agree, not wanting to pay $500 like the Porsche certificate. Thanks.
  12. Thanks @HBChris. I’ll reach out to them. And updated the profile. Hopefully there are some 2002 owners in Scottsdale/Phoenix. Thanks.
  13. pd_55


  14. Has anyone tried to get detailed info on their 2002? i.e. build sheets, specs, invoice, etc? I reached out to the BMW classic group, but had t heard anything back. Would like to get the original spec information on my 1974. Thanks.
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