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  1. Are you familiar with any specialized mechanic that can verify the status of a turbo within european ground?
  2. This is the VIN # 4291643 by the way...
  3. Many tks. for the quick reply & info! VIN indeed starts with 429, interior and dash do fit the picture as well (at least from photos provided).. Now regarding the engine bay herewith some pictures provided by the seller.. As far fuel injection & correct turbo, what should I exactly look for? Any particular way to verify the genuine character of such parts? Rust wise, the car seems to be overhauled recently.. yet I have not seen it in person yet and surely need to check lower part as well (where rust is accumulated heavily as far as my understanding).. Tks. again for reply & support!
  4. Different ad, yet similar doubts as with Skotso for me.. What are the 'must check' points to verify with an 02 turbo prior proceeding with purchase? From a mechanics and originality standpoint..
  5. Hey guys, pretty new here (article #1) yet following the various 02 topics for some time now. I am also in process of acquiring a turbo, yet I am collecting all relevant info in advance prior do so.. hence any support is highly appreciated. Any particular recommendations what to check in advance prior proceeding?
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