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  1. The carpet color!! Yes! So I believe that is the angle of my IE shift lever as well. I think it works well at that angle for me.
  2. I installed that shifter in my ‘68 last week, and upgraded my selector rod to a late model. While the angle of mine is correct, I did have that exact same issue with the bushings. The top of my upper bushing sits flush with the top of the cylinder, and I was unable to install any of the pieces above it. Although since it’s so tight in there, it holds itself in place. I had thought maybe the very early shift plate might be different. I guess IE had a batch of bushings that are incorrect. I drove it a bunch like this and it stayed in there and shifted smoothly. But I guess we should ask for replacement bushings that fit properly.
  3. What a nice surprise after getting back into these cars after a 25 year break (2 tii's, a coupe and 2 bavarias in the late 80's/early 90's) to find all these amazing parts suppliers! I can't imagine ever talking to a BMW dealer again. In the last few months I have dealt with Roger's, W&N, Paul (Max), Blunt, my local guy Patrick at Midnight, and Ireland. La Jolla was my guy in the old days and I love the Doc. I guess I have been fortunate as they have all been great. Roger's is a touch high on price I suppose, and maybe one could say that about Blunt as well, but folks seem to believe the customer service is worth it. But I gotta say the standout for me so far is Ireland - innovative products, great site, great support and seems to be best prices (hard to measure prices as sometimes not identical products). Unless something changes Ireland is the first place I look. Of course my #1 choice is buying parts from forum members on the FAQ!!
  4. 1600ti manifolds for sale - $200+ shipping It's well discussed on the FAQ how important it is to have these if you're running side-drafts on a 118 head. These are pretty hard to find! Pics show carbs but this sale is manifolds only.
  5. Whoops, I seem to be late! But if order not in, I will take one please!
  6. Hi there. I just signed up so can't PM you but I am interested in getting some more information from you. Do you want to PM me your contact info? I imagine that would work. Thanks!
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