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  1. I have power to the relays. I have power to the ignition switch. I have power to the light switch. There’s power to the input side of the fuse block for everything except for the low and high beam fuses. It’s a 1975 which does not supply power directly from the battery to the relays. When I jumper the headlight relays I then get power to the fuse block for those circuits. Apparently the high current side of the relay is triggered by the low current side. But this doesn’t appear to be happening. I’m going to look at why I’m not getting power to the turn signal stalk. I think that’s the source of the problem.
  2. The larger cable going directly to the starter is not attached nor should it be needed at this point.
  3. We are stripping the tape off the wires to trace the ones in question. I think that having no low beams, despite power to the relay, is related to no power to the turn signal/low beam/high beam stalk.
  4. The engine and transmission are not in the car. We did test for power at the starter wire. I was using a 1973+ wiring diagram which showed power from the battery to the low beam relay. This isn’t the case with 1975+.
  5. I have two pair of green wires at the ign switch. A large dia dark green wire along with a small dia dark green wire in one terminal. The there are two bright green wires in one terminal. I have checked for position on the switch and power for the wires. I will check again.
  6. It’s on the left. I have tested all the wires/terminals from the harness to the stalk and can’t find any power. The hazard switch works but does not illuminate the turn signals.
  7. The weird part is I have power at the green wire on the back of the ignition switch but there’s no power to the turn signal stalk. Back to the relays - I’ve checked grounds to the relays and verified that the ground at the relay socket works (multimeter) but it still doesn’t switch on the high current circuit which feeds the input side of the fuse.
  8. Installed three new relays. No change. Still no headlights.
  9. I jumpered the power in and out of the headlight relays. With a direct power connection I get power to the input side of the fuses previously mentioned. The low beam work. I have three identical relays for the horn low and high beams. Is this correct? Could I simply have bad relays? I can hear the low beam relay click when the ignition is turn on. I checked the grounds for the relays and there are secure and clean. An article by Rob Siegel indicated a problem with the low current side of the relay caused by a bad ground. It still sounds like a low voltage side problem but don’t know why.
  10. (this comment has been succeeded by the next post/plea)
  11. I found some ground wires under the dash which were not grounded. Fixed that but no difference. All the wires at the back of the ignition switch have power in accordance with the switch position. No power to the input side of fuses 9, 10, and 11. These are the white wire and yellow wire. Verified wiring colors to the low beam and high beam relays. Disconnected the plug under the steering column for the turn signal stalk. No power at all from the harness plug. I looked at the wiring diagram and traced these wires. I have no idea why there’s no power to the input side for the fuses mentioned above. Clueless at this point. Wiring diagrams don’t help much as they do not show everything. I have a 4-pole plug under the dash for which I cannot find a matching connector. Wires are white, blue/white, green/white, and brown/yellow. Not found In a diagram. Wiring harness is from a 1975 and is going into a bare 1975 body. All electrical appurtenances are from the same donor car as the wiring harness.
  12. Thanks Mike. BTW this is the Tiaga car I wrote about in the Driving Light that Jim H. and I are building in my garage.
  13. That makes sense but nowhere can I find a (1973+) wiring diagram which has a high beam relay. In my photo the right/top is the horn relay and middle is the low beam relay. The one on the left/bottom is the one in question. I cannot find any of the wires in the wiring diagrams.
  14. Thank you. Is the third relay a fog light relay? We’re going to check the wiring harness from the turn signal stalk. We had power to both input sides of the fuse block previously so I don’t know what’s going on with that. This reminds me of programming in Fortran, sending the input to a remote mainframe, waiting for the output to return, and finding an error. Once that error is fixed then you find five more, and so on and so on....
  15. Taped off the cigarette lighter and reverse light wires. Fuse 6 now ok. The wires from the headlight switch were not plugged into the proper connector so that has been fixed. Still no turn signals or headlights but for sone reason I am now not getting power to fuses 7-11 on the input side. we seem to be missing a power wire from the battery to the low beam relay. Wiring harness not cut up so don’t know what’s going on there. I have identified the horn and low beam relays near the front of the driver’s side fender but what is the third one? I cannot find anything for it in either the workshop manual wiring diagram or the Prosperos diagram. Will continue to trace wiring for the turn signals which do not work but the parking lights do work.
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