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  1. Stoked. Thanks ray, and everyone else for troubleshooting this one.
  2. Mike


  3. Sweet Ray I'll give that a go! Thanks. It's off a '75 (and thankfully not a mustang )
  4. Excellent, I appreciate everyones input so far. Great stuff. Yes '76MintGrun, basically 70km/h is 10 and so on. Thats how I've been driving her for now anyway. Not a huge deal, but I like things working like a swiss clock, so if I can fix it I'll be all that much happier:)
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. Will most likely update all the bulbs while I have the cluster apart! Etsy, I didn't even think of that. I was a bit reluctant to start man-handling the speedometer. Can the needle simply be pulled off the face and put back on at desired speed location??
  6. Thanks for these answers so far. I followed a breakdown article off of 02restoration website, and pulled my speedo today. Went through steps to tap shaft back in place as it had moved forward in the hopes that this might solve something, but no. The needle moves freely (no hang-ups) and will even go to zero if I turn the speedo shaft manually (or the needle itself), but springs right back up to 60.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new to this community as of a few hours ago, and to owning an 02 as of a few months ago. I've already been blessed with so many in-depth articles on here that really saved my ass (and sanity) when troubleshooting issues, so thanks to so many great contributors. I'm having speedometer issues, and I have spent the past few hours looking through old posts but nothing seems fitting. My speedometer seems to be well calibrated on speed (km/h as I'm in Canada), but never drops below 60km/h. It sits at 60 as it's starting point. Older posts talk a lot about a jumpy gauge, but nothing specific to why it wouldn't return to zero. Any input on this would be amazing. Fixable at home, needs to be sent out, or is she ready to be replaced? Cheers
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