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  1. Looks like I should be proactive here. 1969 2000 Neue Klasse. Transmission is making its own mud :(. We’re in central Florida im all for a 5 speed swap and will post needs accordingly but really enjoy the car... and not ready to take her off the road for any length of time. Thanks! Chip
  2. That’s the stuff I got rid of. Looks like something that would have been used wiring up an 8 track in a Pinto. Nice hearing how to make the thin friction tape and will go that way once the cars all done getting sorted.
  3. Thank you. I am really enjoying the car. That auto zone split loom stuff. Ugly is an understatement. I am learning much here and have already gotten some great help. 3 cheers to the FAQ!
  4. Greetings all! Thought a bit of an update was due on the Florida car from the BAT back in June. When the car arrived I was pleasantly surprised on many fronts. Quite a time capsule and in pretty decent shape overall. Did some sorting and maintenance including bushings, body mounts, hoses, radiator fix, seals shoes and bearings in the rear, wires, alternator, and other assorted bits. Of course the headlight switch dimmer function started shorting out right away. We found a working replacement and all is good there. Got rid of that nasty old Pinto wire loom ( which revealed a good harness with bad tape)and sourced a proper valve cover. New strut bearings along with some hose to take up the slop in the front cut springs. Cleaning connections and properly routing wires and the like makes the car very close to as found 1969. Though I have gone to a single wire alternator and am making some upgrades to the lighting system. LED’s, relay for the low beam, h4 headlights and a third brake light one of these days.Oh right and who can forget the new stainless exhaust?! I was also able to rid the car of that horrible tach that someone along the way installed and sourced a proper 80 mm unit. Lots of little bits and some time dealing with the details has been great therapy and has brought the car to a level wherein I would have said it was ready to go anywhere. Until my newest find. As the car came with what appears to be a fairly fresh motor rebuild with a late head I’ll wait to see what level of rebuild it received as far as compression and cam. Especially with it running as well as it does. I am in process of sorting suspension bits ( springs, shocks, inserts and sway bars) and tho AC would be nice the block is matching and early so that will have to wait. My newest find... To date the only really unfortunate find is the automatic transmission. Two pan drops in the last 300 miles has given us an indication that the transmission is not long for this world. Car shifts properly but the stuff in the pan twice is a little concerning. Looking into the options on transmission upgrades. It’s only original once, which is great if parts are out there. 4 or 5 speed, 4spd auto or find another 3spd are all on the table right now. Sourcing bits and finding the knowledge to make it right has been interesting. Being a later NK there seems to be some availability of what’s been necessary to bring the little car up to what I want. A driver!
  5. Test fits work! I think it would be a great look and handy too. You have any NK folks around that would be into a test fit? Love to see the result. And if it doesn’t work at least it’s great to see cool kit out there!
  6. What a fantastic rabbit hole to be falling into! Any idea if this will fit a 2000? It’s a 69 and sure would pop with such a beautiful rack thanks Chip
  7. New to BMW cars, will this work with Webber 32/36 carb? Have a single solex that as I get the bits together will grow up into the Webber but I want to keep the stock look. thanks chip
  8. Here’s a post I saw earlier. Might be an option...
  9. Beemerdog


  10. Greetings, I would like to get on the list for your alternator bracket, non tii [email protected] thanks!
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