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  1. I think I have a set of 74 fronts that will work. In case not, where are you located? Thanks, David
  2. crazy pricing. I am formulating a plan to cover the horsehair with canvas and then glue a layer of foam on top. will fill some sections with all foam. will order new covers and see how it comes out. thank you, david
  3. I am looking for replacement seat pads? Are there suppliers with reasonable prices? If not, can an upholsterer make a good foam replacement. I have 74 and 76 seats and the Horsehair pads are totally disintegrated. The 76 frames are not usable due to rusted pivot bolts. Any ideas? Thank you David
  4. A couple of suggestions for this nasty assembly. 1) insert part A into the handle before taping or clamping the spring loaded button down. Make sure it is fully depressed before taping. 2) if installing the Blunt Tech bearing upgrade, use a tie wrap to hold everything nearby before trying to insert the handle back into place. Cut the tie at the last minute but keep it nearby. Unlikely you won’t need it shortly for the next attempt. I spent 90 minutes on this yesterday and failed. Came back today and got it done in 15 minutes.
  5. Dr G-man

    Dr G-man

  6. I recently bought a different 2002 from this seller. Seems like a stand up guy. He told me all the good and all the bad and I ended up with a very good car at a very good price. I have no relationship with the seller of any kind, except that I bought said car. David
  7. The red and black wire goes to the starter solenoid to insure full power to the coil on startup
  8. Thank you for the better pics. My favorite color for sure. Without an in person inspection too risky for me. Sorry, David
  9. where is the rust, nice to see some better pictures. Tii engine with dual webers?
  10. Working on a 76 rehab due to mouse snacking. This is perfect! how do I wash out the body cavity under the fuse box. Very smelly. Ugh
  11. Just saw a new ad on EBAY. Confusing post but might be what you are looking for. 70 or 71 1600 with Tii drivetrain (I think).
  12. I cant find the post but my adjusters were frozen solid. I unbolted the backing plates, removed the wheel cylinders and rotated the backing plates so I could put an impact gun on the adjusters, 17mm. I got them loose when I really thought I was going to have to replace the backing plates and either drop gold bars to get them or be very lucky to find some good used ones. Yes, I used every penetrant i owned as well... David
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