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  1. Hi all, first time posting, but have read various posts over the years. I think my '76 is doomed, please tell me how to help save my BMW 2002 ! Basically, I have a 1976 BMW 2002 that I was not able to fully register because the engine blew after I first bought it, but before I was able to get it smogged and registered. When we bought it we had the oil and other fluids changed, but on the highway the oil filter fell off and well...you can guess from there. I also had collected quite a lot of great parts and even have another engine that drove really well. We have all the parts for a 5-speed conversion, LSD and axles, brand new 3-core radiator, new old stock kidney, etc... The purpose was for me to do a custom restoration to make it the way we wanted it, but I realized the work was beyond me. My wife was going to have it as her daily driver and has been waiting years for me to get this done. Now we have the money to pay an expert mechanic to do the restoration. The problem is that since it is a 1976, the smog laws seem to have created a situation we cannot legally get out of. We also have a parts car, I think it is a 1975, but would require more serious restoration work. We really need help here. I don't want to end up just parting it all out and scrapping the bodies, but I can't see any way to avoid this fate! Anyone out there who can help me save our '76 ?
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