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  1. 1602bmw

    Summer Sun

  2. Oh, now you've got me doing another task Tom 😆 But you are right, the more I see them the more they stick out like a sore thumb, but will definitely look better once done 👍 That's tomorrows "lock down" job sorted!
  3. Hi Tom. Which bit's are the vertical hinge supports? Are they the two bits behind the grills? If so, I thought that after I took the pics!
  4. Little update to the grill today. I love the all-chrome look, but I think it is better suited on darker colour cars, and the Sahara needed the contrast. So I covered the slats today with vinyl matt black wrap. Quick, easy and I think quite effective. Thoughts?
  5. Some good links and suggestions there guys, much appreciated 👍 Looking at the refurbed lights, they do look somewhat better, and I reckon this could be part of the problem! The Reflektor looks quite reasonable price wise.
  6. Yep, I think you may be right! I might have to take a closer look at them, but would feel awful replacing them! 😀
  7. Not sure I will go for these, mainly because they don't look original, which is a shame as I bet they are good!
  8. I think they are the originals
  9. How tricky was it to add the relays? @rockyford77
  10. Soz, should have mentioned I have an EU 1602 (I live in the UK). But funny you should mention that @rockyford77 - my switch on the dash does get hot...
  11. OK, I've had a good look on here, but can't quite come to a conclusion...yet. So I have changed my standard headlamp bulbs to H4 P45T Halogen (60/45w) and I'm not that blown away by the "upgrade". My next thoughts are, should I; 1) buy some more powerful 100/80w halogen (will this fry the wires?) 2) upgrade to LED bulbs (is this a faff to fit?) 3) Just not bother and live with it as I don't drive the 02 at night that often (the lazy option) Thoughts & suggestions welcome!
  12. Yep looked at the coil too, seems like a logical upgrade given it is only £50 ish
  13. Nice, thanks Tony. The distributer is in good condition, so this could be the best solution. I'll fall down the rabbit hole searching this evening 😉
  14. Sorry to cover this again, I've had search, but can't quite get the answers I was hoping for. I have a standard 1602 (Euro, I'm based in the UK), and a pet hate is having to turn the car over a couple of times to get it started (despite it being otherwise pretty solid)! I'm looking to change to electronic ignition, so I've been looking at this (and similar): https://simonbbc.com/bmw-1502-1600-1602-1802-2002-2002-tii-electronic-ignition-bundle-viper-coil-ignition-kit-blue-ht-leads/ Do I need buy a 123 distributor or will the existing one suffice - or are they two different solutions? You can probably guess I'm not that technical, but willing to learn!
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