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  1. I like the vent window knob. It's pretty straight forward. The window crank is a bit odd though. There's an inner disk that you have to tighten on to the post and then the handle tightens on to that. It works. It's just kinda a PITA to put on. I ordered the inner door handle as well, but haven't received that yet and have the old ones on atm.
  2. Took it for a spin. Still needs so much 🤣 but it’s fun 👍🏻
  3. I want to put it on my car Depends on the boundaries I guess. Typically PNW is BC, WA, OR & ID. Is that us? If so: Maybe animals and BMW symbol merge? BC: Kermode Bear WA: Orca OR: Beaver ID: Peregrine Falcon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Thanks. I should have searched first. 😳 https://www.pelicanparts.com/More_Info/51411870718.htm?pn=51-41-1-870-718-M58&SVSVSI=BE10&DID=12376
  5. The little round plastic clips that hold the door cards on: Are those universal? Could I get a functional aftermarket equivalent easily? Anyone have a link or info as to where those can be found? Thanks!
  6. I got them from Turtle Labs. Fronts too but haven’t taken them out of box yet.
  7. Laid in the rear bench delete kit and brushed aluminum panels to see how it looked. Likewise the Kooglewerks air dam. and opened the F-Bomb Workshop Bar 😜
  8. Looking for a driver quality Center Console. Will consider long or short consoles. I'm in Washington state. So local pickup or shippable preferred. thanks!
  9. After scraping off the carbonite(?), found a little surface rust forward of the plug. None on plug itself. Ground to bare metal and hit with rust preventive & replaced rubber mat
  10. I was stripping the interior in prep to do a carpet kit and pulled a piece of this off the trans tunnel top. It looks like tar paper or something underneath. Is this for heat? Is it ok to remove & not replace? If I put kilmat where it was is that sufficient? thanks!
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