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  1. Thanks, Paul. 👍🏻 I should have specified: I’m hoping for (lightly) used on the cheap. It just needs to be functional. I kinda mangled mine getting it off. 😳 need chrome pieces with felt.
  2. Yes. I think I found the problem and I'm pretty sure I know how to fix it, but remain stymied as to how it occurred. It was shutting smoothly before I put the window mechanism and glass back in. It’s binding at the top front of the door. A comparison between the working drivers door and this one (passengers) in pics IMG_5734.MOV
  3. If your 2002 wasn’t optioned with fog lights, Is the switch/pull just bolted on? Glued in place? Or is it just stuck I can’t get mine to pull, twist, or otherwise move in any direction.
  4. Got the window back in and working. Without touching the door hinge bolts in the process, now the door doesn’t lineup right anymore. WTH. I have to slam it to close now. Is the weight of the glass & door hardware enough to do that? Weird.
  5. Anyone have a good cutaway type diagram of the inner workings of the doors? My repair & shop manuals have tiny pictures of various bits, but hoping for something comprehensive/easier to see. Thanks!
  6. Started the door swap. Added more garage wall art. Drinking something festive. 👍🏻
  7. My son-in-law recommended doing this instead of painting on my far from perfect 76. It seems to me though that unless the surfaces are all perfectly smooth and even already, like a modem car that isn’t 44+ years old, all the imperfections of old paint and old steel would get transmitted through the material and look bad. Is that not the case? Thanks!
  8. Supposedly that’s BMW Mintgrun paint code 079. Looks like Muppets Kermit the Frog green paint code R1B1T to me. Going to give up and paint entire car primer gray soon. 🤷‍♂️
  9. There was no structural difference between this one and the hood I already had, so keeping what I got and selling this one (here for cost). Clear coat on top is mostly intact. Minor scratching center of top (pictured) and chipping in top corners (pictured) I did sand/wire brush off all the rust from the bottom, Ospho’d and primed it. Local pickup only. I don’t have means to pack or ship it. Thanks
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