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  1. One of my 45 DCOE bodies has an unsalvagable crack - has anyone got a spare 45 DCOE body from a 45 DCOE 15 or 16 that they’d like to sell?
  2. I’m in the unfortunate position of having two 45 DCOE 15s. Has anyone got a 45 DCOE 16 top they’d like to swap or sell? Closer to 6E the better!! Thanks all
  3. So the 300 cam is pretty mild, there seems to be few drawbacks. The question then is how does it make what seems to be the exact same power as the much more aggressive Schrick 304? The dyno sheet below is very healthy! This is the 304 cam at the wheels. Again at approx 160 hp with a 10 hp loss like toby said. Which begs the until now unanswered question, why would you pick a schrick 304 over the bmw 300 cam (except if you're worried about the originality of the head with lineboring)?
  4. The oil has been moved by a force and therefore work is done 300 degree BMW Motorsport cam dyno sheets anyone?
  5. Slosh loss isn’t heat, it’s the energy spent moving the oil not the wheels, kinetic not heat energy. Otherwise agreed, but also the point of my earlier posts.. where are the dyno results with wheel power at!
  6. Unfortunately the transmission loss equation is a bit more complex than that. This is at 6500 rpm not idle, and both the differential and gearbox are sources of loss. There will also be some slip between the tyres and the rollers unless a hub dyno was used and all the bearings and CV's in the system will also have some loss. Within the diff and box there are three main types of loss, heat as you mentioned, then spin losses which is just the gears sloshing the oil around and then there's vibration. Vibration is mostly absorbed by the transmission/diff mounts. Spin losses can be significant- the paper in the first link measured a 2 kW loss at 3000 RPM pinion speed in a differential. Then there is the heat loss which you mentioned, which they estimate to be 4kW in just the diff at 3000 rpm. Compound this with most probably having old bearings and using old oil and there's a fair bit of loss in the differential alone. You can assume about 5% loss in the gearbox (second link), so with these figures the engine may have had 145 hp at the crank? Getting quite close to 160 hp on small chokes and a poorly functioning distributor don't you think? https://www.jstor.org/stable/26278193?seq=1 https://ep.liu.se/ecp/043/048/ecp09430059.pdf
  7. Considering losses through the trans and diff, you're already quite close to 160 hp with the motorsport cam - it does look like the right cam for these engines.
  8. That's the post I read to get to the conclusion that the BMW 300 cam is closer to stock than the 292, at around 280 degrees in Schrick measurements. However, it doesn't explain how the BMW 300 camshaft seems to get the same 160hp as the 304 at a lower RPM, when using the same parts (10:1, 45 DCOE etc)? Just seems a little strange you get the same results with a cam with 20 degrees less duration, anyone have light to shed on that? There is very little on people actually dynoing the 300 cam to have concrete results.
  9. Anyone know how the BMW Motorsport 300 cam compares to the 292 schrick as well? From everything that I've read, its closer to the stock camshaft profile than the 292 schrick but is named a higher duration due to being measured differently? Alpina got 160hp at the crank out of the 300 cam, with 10:1 compression, 46 mm inlet valves, 39 mm exhaust valves, new headers and 45 DCOE's. It looks like people get similar figures with the schrick 304, but with worse idle and a higher powerband? Anyone know how this works, or have information on the contrary? Otherwise it seems like the 300 cam is the obvious choice (except for the line boring of the head)!
  10. Hi all, Hoping to find a set of 45 DCOE 15/16's - especially if they're serial numbered instead of the number and letter. Decent, original condition strongly preferred. Must take paypal and be willing to ship to Australia! Just missed out on a set for USD$500 last week - that's a rough price guide, but let me know what you've got regardless. Cheers, Nick
  11. https://www.difflab.com.au/collections/bmw-168mm-classic-small These guys do a lot of BMW diffs in Aus - the blurb at the top certainly indicates there is potential?
  12. Hi all, I'm after a manual roundie. Let me know what you've got! Happy to take on a bit of a project. Sydney area preferred! Cheers, Nick
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